April 14, 2010

new tricks

I've written about the adventures of living with Franklin and Mavis before. I shared Franklin's sneaky way of sniffing out crumbs left on the table too.

Well turns out Mr. Frankie has the DNA of an agile cat, not that of a low-center-of-gravity Scottie dog. Or rather it's the DNA of a two year old boy. Whatever it is, he manages to get himself in places I have never seen a dog get into especially not a dog with short legs like this guy.

Yesterday, I came into the eating nook to find Franklin on top of the table having himself a little snooze. Both chairs were tucked in and he was content just chillin' out.

He was all cute and like "what?"

And I was like "what the heck are you doing on the table?!?!?!"

I'm nervous where I'll find him next. I'll keep you posted.

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