April 18, 2010

today's challenge

One day I was at the dollar store and I came upon a gigantic bin of coconut cups. I loaded up as much as I could and brought them home. My thinking was that I would give each little mermaid a coconut to drink from at Miss Divine's Under the Sea birthday party. Mr. Hawthorne pointed out that mermaids are under the sea and coconut trees are not. And really, there begs the question do mermaids really drink anything?? Well, these mermaids will so after much thinking and searching for cute ways to serve drinks at ocean themed parties (there is none) I decided I would dress up the coconut cups I already had instead of trying to purchase something else. I thought a few (or 15) coconuts might roll into the ocean now and then right. After bobbing around, they might collect a few barnacles and/or shells.

Therefore, today's challenge was to remove the silly flowers and make the coconut cups look like they are indeed under the sea for parched mermaids to quench their thirst.

Coconut cups came ready for a luau. Aloha!

I removed the flowers and cut apart a sea shell lei which resembled barnacles.

After hot gluing on shells and adding a straw.

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