April 13, 2010

won't you be my neighbor

The best part about being a blogger is the other bloggers. There are some not so great ones too, but for the most part, they are great. It's this whole world of talented and inspiring people writing about their families, their crafts, their loves, their struggles and their proud moments. Sometimes you have to really search around, but when you find a few you enjoy, it's hard not to feel invested in their bloggyverse and that investment keeps you coming back. I gravitate towards the crafty, party planning, mommies. I have friends I keep up on their goings-on through their blogs too. And, I peek at the inventive and creative blogs.

There are occasions I stumble across bloggers that are residing in the same area as me. In fact, there is a network of women doing some of the same things. Recently, my memory was kicked into high gear after one of million trips taking my daughters to dance class. I realized I had seen things in a blog and now I was seeing them in person. Talk about deja vu!! I stumbled across the tres chic dottie angel ages ago. Amazingly, after my mind was defibrillated, I found her blog again. Even more amazing, turns out we live in the same neighorhood. Crazy small world I tell ya. Ms. dottie angel is pretty super. Go see for yourself!!

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