March 13, 2010

this is what I live with

Our first scottie dog, Angus, was a 27 pound lump of dead weight. He couldn't go up and down the stairs until he was a year old. His jumping off the couch sounded like a tree fell over and landed in the living room. He was low to the ground and quicker than lightening, but heights was not his thing. At all.

Now we have Franklin and Mavis. I thought we were safe as far as upstairs go, because they wouldn't even attempt to climb up until they were older. Boy was I wrong. When I would find miscellaneous socks lying around I knew a couple of puppies were getting themselves into trouble. The baby gates curved that. Mavis is light and springy and also a girl, so I already attribute many fabulous attributes to her. Nothing surprises me with my little Mavie-girl. She's got herself a mean streak though and barks that anything that moves. Drives me insane!

But then there is Frank. His body style is much like our beloved Angus. Heavy and wide with a low center of gravity. However, I was very surprised to come around the corner this morning and find Mr. Frankie-boy sitting on the chair in the kitchen nook searching for crumbs left by kids. As you can tell from the photo, he was pretty pleased with himself. Yup, pretty darn pleased indeed.


Mike said...

Yes, pretty pleased.

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Stephanie said...

Our pup has just learned this ??lovely?? little trick too... Not my fav.