April 30, 2010

today's challenge

There is door, in our house, on the top floor at the very end of the hallway. Behind that door is a small room with a challenging roof line. The room itself is over the garage and this doorway will one day lead to the bonus room and office we plan to add. For now, it's a small room with a challenging roof line.

Currently I'm storing "stuff" that I didn't know what to do with when we moved in. All the "stuff" I didn't have time to think about, couldn't find an immediate spot for but needed it out of the way. This small room with the challenging roof line is NOT organized. And, it bugs me knowing it is there unkempt and in disarray with no real purpose. Believe it or not, one of the previous owners used this small room for their tanning bed. No joke. We actually have a switch in the breaker box that says 'tanning bed'.

This morning I was trying to plan out in my head how to organize each of the girls' bedrooms so they can keep them tidy on their own and have room to play. Miss Divine has a few too many pieces of furniture and Petite Artiste has all the play space items. We have an adorable play kitchen that both girls play with and it's often a gigantic mess in poor Petite Artiste's bedroom.

So. I got the brilliant idea to turn our small room with the challenging roof line that onced housed a tanning bed into a little play house. I would move all the kitchen and baby doll things in, setting up an area for a the girls to entertain their imaginations while keeping their sleeping spaces tidy.

First! I need to empty out the room. Wish me luck!

I'll need it.

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