November 20, 2008


Have you seen this?? Awesome-ness!! How can I get a paying gig like this???

November 19, 2008

it's that time of year again

The Divine Miss O and her dance class did their dress rehearsal for their winter production of the Nutcracker this afternoon. The girls were all giddy to be dressed alike in their blue and aqua costumes. This class dances the part of the "jesters." It's pretty darn cute!!

November 18, 2008


Today, I got a flu shot.
Today, I went to the craft store.
Today, I looked at my phone and saw the time was an hour later then I thought and panicked.
Today, I had a mini-heart attack.
Today, I called my hubby and he told me the real time and I was ok again.
Today, I got a Starbucks coffee and my favorite baguette.
Today, I got addicted to Facebook and Etsy...again.
Today, I exchanged emails with an old friend.
Today, I sang the Strawberry Shortcake song with certain toddler about a million times.
Today, I decided what 3rd birthday party theme we would celebrate certain toddler with.
Today, the principal called me from Wonder Boy's school.
Today, I almost pooped my pants when I realized who was calling me.
Today, I breathed a sigh of relief when I learned it wasn't bad news.
Today, I got jiggy with it and danced with The Divine Miss O in the living room.
Today, I realized we don't have curtians on the living room window and all could see me getting jiggy with it.
Today, I didn't care.
Today, I thought about people who've made me feel bad.
Today, I decided said people aren't worth thinking about.
Today, I downloaded fun new songs onto my zune.
Today, I sang at the top of lungs to an old Kenny Loggins tune with Wonder Boy.
Today, I went to Weight Watchers and saw I had gained three pounds since surgery.
Today, I told myself three pounds in three weeks is not that bad.
Today was a good day.

November 15, 2008

ya only turn 40 once

J turns 40 two days after Thanksgiving this year. We had talked about throwing a party or hitching a plane to Vegas for the weekend. We played around with both ideas. I thought trying to have a party so soon after a holiday wouldn't go over so well and so many friends are out of town during the four day weekend so we ditched that idea. We played around with the Vegas idea quite a bit, but you just can't hop a super cheap flight to Vegas anymore. It's down right spendy.

We joked about going to Disneyland, alone, without the kids.

We couldn't do that.

But could we???


Last night we searched the internet and found that it was about the same price to go to California and spend three days in Disneyland as it would be to fly down and spend two days in Vegas. After clearing the childcare situation with my gracious parents, we booked it. GULP!! Neither of us went as kids so we are super excited to run around and do all the older rides and activities. We took the kids two years ago (our very first trip) and had planned on going again when Baby Love was three. Can you tell we are trying to squash the guilty feelings? We will probably do Christmas shopping as well...bonus and more squashing of guilt feelings. The kids love Camp Grandmaw and I have a feeling mom will enjoy spending Thanksgiving with the kids this year.


::Squash, squash::

November 14, 2008

happy friday

Hello, hello!!

I haven't been blogging much lately although I want to, I just don't feel like I have anything interesting to say or fun photos to post. In fact, I haven't taken a picture in weeks. ::sigh::

J went back to work this week, so I've been managing this circus solo while still healing and fighting a cold. I'm slowly regaining control of my body and my house. I need to holler a great big THANK YOU to Erin, Julie, Gayle, Wendy, Lynn, and Amanda for all the yummy meals, care packages and thoughtful gifts. As always your generosity and kindness is much appreciated.

Lately I have been dreaming of a house with a bedroom for each child and an awesome attic converted into a secret playroom for imaginations to run wild. Coupled with a craft room for space for a sewing machine and scrapbook creations. Plus an office for J to work from home so he doesn't have to be away from us. A big back yard for the doggies to play. Add a little piece of property with a small barn for a couple of my mom's horses to live with us or maybe a pony. That's not too much to ask right?

November 11, 2008

oh yes we did

POW! This picture of our president-elect is all kinds of awesome!! I love it!! And I love that so many Americans stood up and got their voice heard. I love that changes are headed this country's way while keeping women's rights in tack. I love the cool, intelligence that is Michelle Obama. And I love that their family is young. I love how down to earth Jill Biden is as well. I am proud and hopeful and excited. In those three little words, first made famous by Bob the Builder, "Yes We Can!" and we did. Well done!

two weeks

Yesterday, I was officially two weeks out from surgery. All in all, I'm feeling good. I'm able to move around, sleep comfortably and drive a car again. I'm still a little slow moving and swollen; and I feel super stiff at the end of the day but I can't complain. Because I don't have an incision to heal from, recovery has been quicker and easier. I relate the whole experience to feeling like I had a baby without the sore boobs and crying infant.

In other news: A yucky cough and cold has been passed around the house and finally landed in my nose and throat. J went back to work this week. And, my house is a huge mess. My mailbox has been inundated with catalogs galore gearing up for the Christmas season. I want to buy everything and wished I had a house with a cool basement or attic to convert in an awesome playroom for kids' imaginations to go wild. The Divine Miss O has spent the last two days in a red dance recital costume and pink leg warmers. A rain and wind storm is due to hit us this afternoon. Wonder Boy has been practicing his Rock Band coordination skills while playing the guitar and singing at the same time. Baby Love is becoming quite the petite artiste and no wall, furniture or body part is safe from her talents. And I'm dreaming of a nice, long, cozy nap.

Recent pet peeve: Phony people! Cut the crap already...we can all see what you're playing at and nobody is buying it.

November 4, 2008

Harry Potter, Olivia the pig and a pouty pumpkin...

lil cubbie

Wonder Boy started cub scouts this year and so far he and J-man have really enjoyed the activities. This last weekend they went to Snoqualmie Falls and had a great time!
I secretly love the orange color is in their uniforms....WB looks so cute in orange.