April 24, 2010

make overs


Now that things are feeling more settled in our new house, I've been itching to "decorate". This house is a TOTAL blank space. The only walls that were painted were the master bedroom and bathroom. One bedroom has wallpaper...which I'm grateful for. Our last house was riddled with wallpaper. Very ugly wallpaper. Almost every room. Mr. Hawthorne spent many, many, many hours removing wallpaper.

Miss Divine has the only wallpapered room in the house. And it's not even on that great so it should be an easy job to remove. I bought her a really cute chair off Craigslist last week and I've been squishing ideas around my brain to give her a more "big girl" space.

This morning I came across Centsational Girl and her bedroom makeover. Much inspiration was had! Miss Divine is stuck on pink or purple for her wall colors but I've been thinking I want to talk her out of a little girl color and into a more big girl color she can grow up with. I'm loving turquoise right now or a aqua. We will see how successful I am.

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