September 28, 2007

September 24, 2007

salmon days

The salmon are here! The salmon are here! We went out to the salmon hatchery in Issaquah this weekend. It is truly an amazing site to see every year. It always surprises me just how big these fish are close up and just how ugly and beat up they are. It's fun to watch them try to swim up stream and jump up the fish ladder too. I tried to get a picture of all three kids together but little Miss Baby Love was too busy trying our her new walking skill that we couldn't slow her down long enough to pose.

September 19, 2007

weigh in: week #31

pounds lost: 1.0
total loss: 18.6
diet: ww
exercise: lots of walking and working

I was excited to see the three times we walked two miles to pick up Wonder Boy from school paid off and it has motivated me to keep it up. If I don't see results I tend to lose focus and get lazy. Working outside of the home and keeping busy with everyone's schedule has also helped. I'm too busy to think about eating. :)

September 17, 2007


My little party of five has been trying to adjust to our new schedule. Logistically, it wears me out! Three major things have happened recently that I must share:

1. Wonder Boy got to take Listening Bear home over night from school and he was overjoyed! We "get" to take Listening Bear with us where ever we go this afternoon and then write in Listening Bear's journals about our adventures.

2. The Divine Miss O finally got her big girl bed. J painted my old childhood canopy bed last weekend and we got the mattress for her Friday night. I'm waiting for the very cute pony sheets to come - she can't wait!!!

3. Baby Love started walking!!!!

September 13, 2007

the iris city

I always thought naming children with names of cities or states was a little silly. I guess growing up with an abundance of Austins, Brooklyns, Dallas', Madisons, Jordans and Montanas quickly helped me realize that was not the naming route I wanted to take when I had kids. Although I love traditional, old fashion names for girls, I do love original, creative, strong sounding names for boys. I'm not fond of boy names that end /y/ or /ie/ sounds. I like hard stops that sound strong and bold. So when we stumbled across the name "Griffin" for Wonder Boy, our search was over. At the time, it was not a name we ever heard around. Original? Check! And it is good sounding name that reflected the strapping young man we were about to raise. Strong? Check! Little did I know, I had actually picked out a city name!!! There is such a place named Griffin Georgia aka The Iris City. There's all kinds of interesting little facts about Griffin. Because of my new discovery, I googled each of my children's names. Funny thing, my middle daughter shares her name with The Corn Capital of the World. I, myself, share a name with a little city in Canada. I had no idea!! I haven't found Baby Love's name as a city yet, but I'm sure it's out there. That's karma for ya I guess.

weigh in: week #30

pounds lost: 4.4
total loss: 17.6
diet: weight watchers (not tracking but watching what I eat and going to the meetings)
exercise: walking two miles to pick up Wonder Boy from school

It was a big week Tuesday night with a whopping 4 pound loss. I think the fact that I was sick with the flu helped but I've also been watching what I eat and drinking lots of water. I'm fighting that horrible M&M PMS craving this week though and I have to admit I am weak when it comes to M&Ms.

September 10, 2007

a day of more firsts

We had another morning of firsts today. The Divine Miss O had her first day of preschool. This is the same school she attended last year but she'll go three days this year instead of only two. She loves it!!

Baby Love and I hurried off to our first day of school at our preschool after dropping Miss O off. I was so nervous but the kids did great. We had a lot of fun and the morning went by in a blink.

September 9, 2007

the start of something good

The Divine Miss O (4), Baby Love (18 mths) and Wonder Boy (6).

September 8, 2007

not quite my name in lights


I r I S H

Spell with Flickr - a fun little online tool lets you type in a word, then recreates the word for you using photographs of letters from Flickr. It's fun!! Found at How about orange . . . Another blog love of mine!

September 7, 2007

i have a problem

I now think I have a problem. I faint. I faint at weird, random times. I wonder if there is a fainter's anonymous? This didn't start until later in my life . . . . I was in college the first time it happened. And no it wasn't a drunken black out where I came to having no idea what had happened the night before. I have always gotten a little jittery when I let myself get too hungry. I've been tested for various causes but have either always been borderline or just above so nothing medical was ever prescribed.

The first time I fainted, I was on a galloping horse running across an open field. I fainted and fell right off giving myself a concussion, a fractured pelvis and a broken tail bone. Talk about really bad timing. The second time, I was pregnant with Miss O and in the check out line at Old Navy. The last thing I remember was the gal asking me if I wanted to save 10% on my purchase by opening a credit card . . . . I hit the floor right after that. Talk about embarrassing! Not to mention more really bad timing. Maybe my problem is not that I faint but that my timing really sucks!

I fainted the third time, yesterday afternoon. It was the weirdest thing. My morning was going along okay. I dropped Wonder Boy off at school, took Miss O to her first dance class (see post below) and ran a quick errand. At the errand, I started to feel sick like I was getting the flu the girls had had the week before. As I was driving home, I got really sick feeling and hot and my arms were sort of going numb and weak. I parked the car in the driveway and started to make my way through the garage to get the bathroom (leaving the sleeping girls in the car) and I crashed down to the floor. Flat out, on my belly, laying on the dirty concrete. Good thing we had boxes strewed around that broke my fall. Somehow I managed to get myself together and get the girls in the house and then later I somehow got them back into the car to pick up Wonder Boy at school. Ultimately I did end up spending the rest of my afternoon in the bathroom being sick. That bastard flu bug hit hard and fast! The good thing about this particular virus is that it's quick and dirty and I feel better this morning. Although I'm not a big fan of doctors in general, I think I need to find someone to talk to about his little fainting problem.

dances in the sun

The Divine Miss O had her very first ballet/tap class yesterday afternoon. She loved it and was super excited about having her best buddy, Kana, in her class. All morning she kept saying "dis is gwoing to be sooooo exwiting!" The two girls twirled and giggled and had lots of fun.

September 4, 2007

dear wonder boy

Today, you started school at a new school, in a new grade. Full day kindergarten! I can hardly believe it. I was anxious, excited and nervous for you. The down pour of rain that nobody expected this morning didn't help my nerves either. I wasn't prepared to walk you to school getting soaking wet, heads down, tromping through the puddles. I pictured a sunny morning with photographs of you in front of the school smiling and standing in line with your new classmates. Everything seemed confusing and overwhelming and I was disappointed in the lack of preparedness. You, my beautiful boy, were quiet, seeming unsure of all the newness of the situation but confidant at the same time. I love that about you. Always so sure of yourself. I knew you would go in that class and knock 'em dead with your sense of humor and friendliness. I didn't cry. Although I kept feeling this knot of tightness that I wasn't sure what to do with. I felt a little shaky like I had just had a huge adrenaline rush.

Finally the teacher came out into the commons area and we all started to shuffle into the room. Daddy, your sisters and I sat you down at your desk . . . . . . then you quickly announced you had to use the bathroom. Seven minutes later, you were back at your desk. My first thought "Holy crap, we are we really doing this!?!?!" " You are really doing this!" My second thought "Man, I'm so proud of you!" I stepped out of the classroom, the last parent to leave as I snapped pictures of you looking so brave and handsome. And it was there. Right there at that very moment in time. Did you feel it too? Where I realized this is it. This is the exact moment where you start your long journey from being a boy to becoming a man. All those years of preschool and pre-k was just a dress rehearsal. It felt a little like I was being forced to let go when the teacher told me "I'm sorry, I have to close the door now" as if my job of getting you this point was done. I had dressed you warmly, helped you learn how to walk, fed you, cleaned up after you, taught you how to brush your teeth, made sure you got enough sleep, kissed your ouchies, reassured you when the thunder woke you up in the middle of the night and all those good and right things you do as a parent. Now you were flying off into a world all of your own. A world I will only get little glimpses of here and there when you fly home. This must be what a mama bird feels when her young fly out of her nest off to make nests of their own.

Now I cry typing this. All those emotions bubbling up to the surface I guess. These aren't tears of sadness or out of loss but because I'm so very happy you chose me to be your mom. All those moments I thought I was teaching you, you were, in fact, teaching me. You teach me patience (and believe me, I've needed a lot of patience) and curiosity and wonderment and acceptance and a love I never thought I could experience every single day. A love that fills me with joy. I will always be here, standing on the sidelines of the sports field or the wings of the theater, cheering you on. I hope, in this journey of life, you will fly home often especially when you need advice or support or even just a hot meal and a good, long hug. I know we have many years together before you enter manhood. Gawd, can you imagine? If I'm this emotional about kindergarten, what I'm going to be like when you leave for college. Just in case those years go by as fast as these past six years have gone by I want you know just how much I love you and how proud I am of you every single day.

Congratulations my little man!! You made it to kindergarten.
Good luck, I know you'll do great.

Love Mom

September 3, 2007

33 and counting

Today is my birthday. I'm 33 years old. Wow - that's weird. When did that happen? Thirty-three, married with three kids and drives a minivan. Last time I checked I was graduating from college and trying to get a job. I'm excited about this year. Wonder Boy going to full day kindergarten, Miss O going to her preschool, Baby Love going to work with me. It will be a challenge trying to juggle schedules at first but I'm looking forward to getting my toes wet in the working world again. Anyway, so here it is my birthday and I'm rambling on about school and work. Last night my sweet friend, EE, picked me up for what I thought would be a stroll around the mall for a couple hours and dinner with just the two of us. Of course, we spent most of our time in the kids dept. at Macy's looking for school clothes. We did get over the Bare Escentials and I found some products for myself. I never wear make up but I do love the mineral products since my skin is sensitive and super fair. It's good stuff! After the mall closed, we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner where I was surprised to see my friends WW and HG for a surprise dinner. Yay! I had two strawberry margaritas and yummy roasted herb chicken. Yum, yum!! It was a lovely surprise and I'm always thankful to have such caring friends. While I was out, J shampooed the carpet so it's looks clean and doesn't smell like vomit anymore. Love it!! Today, I plan on getting myself down to InSpa for an eye brow wax and a facial. The rest of the day is up in the air. The weather is cool and air smells crisp. Back to school is here. Wonder Boy starts school tomorrow. We have his backpack and lunch box ready - it's a big day!

September 2, 2007

6 year old wisdom

Wonder Boy: Mom! You get me.

Me: What do you mean I get you?

Wonder Boy: You just get me. You love me and I'm your son and you get me.

Me: Yes, I do get you.

Me: Forever!!

September 1, 2007

look out june cleaver

My etsy order arrived this week from very cool graphic artist John W. Golden. Along with the order was an extra little, very cute pushpin miniature that reminded me an awful lot of Frieda the super mutt. It's hanging on my frig. I picked up a frame this afternoon and quickly mounted it in the kids' bathroom. Although I'm not in love with the frame, I do love the sentiment. I love the lime green color against the dark blue. So fun!!

On my way home, I stopped off at the local farmers market since I only had Baby Love with me. We strolled through the isles and browse all the handmade items and fresh fruit and veggies. The weather was lovely! I found my mom the best birthday present and I can't wait to give it to her. On the way out, I spotted this little cutie. I want to decorate Baby Love's bedroom (if she ever gets one of her own) with elephants. I have an old, hand painted elephant piggy bank my aunt gave me when I was little so the idea is based around that. Slowly I have been collecting sweet pieces like this.