April 7, 2010

backyard beautification project

Backyard Corner
Side Yard (also from corner)
Behind house

This is my backyard as of October 2009. We love the space but knew we had a big job ahead of us when purchasing this house. First thing we knew we needed was a fence to contain two rascally puppies. Oh how I miss opening the backdoor and letting poopy pups out to do their business while I stay warm and dry in the comfort of my living room. *Sigh*

However, before putting a fence around the backyard premises, we have to have a few ten or more trees taken down. Some are so close to the house that it limits what we can do. Beautiful, yes. Too close for comfort in a bad windstorm?? Ya you betcha.

We are somewhat stumped. We want a deck or patio. The previous owner took out an old deck that was falling apart and starting building with cinder blocks. Not sure the direction previous owner was going with that whole idea but whatever. The cinder blocks are a tad dangerous for kids and dogs, so I want them gone as soon as possible. I've got backyard birthdays to plan!!

Dreams include: I would love a second story deck from our master bathroom stretching across the house passed the girls' bedrooms. I have visions of replacing their windows with french doors leading out onto the deck. How lovely would that be(!)? Mr. Hawthorne is not feeling me though. I also dream of a covered porch area off the back as well. I would love to have a green house with garden space and playground equipment as well. So much to think about.

Our dilemma is finding our vision (and the funds). We are seriously thinking about tree removal this month and I post these pictures for posterity purposes. More to come.

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