May 30, 2009


My faithful, lovable and most regal dog of about 14 years might be sadly nearing the end of her days with us I fear. She started breathing really heavy about a week and a half ago. Almost unable to catch her breath. She was very noisy at night and started pacing during the day in attempts to find a comfortable spot to camp her bones. Coupled with a weight loss of almost 10 pounds, I knew something was not right. Her veterinarian, a man from Louisiana, suspected cancer in her lungs so we had x-rays done. Although, cancer couldn't be necessarily pinpointed, her lungs did not look good at all. The results from the scans showed evidence of everything but cancer. She's been on medication for a couple days but hasn't shown signs of much improvement as her doctor would expect. He called today to check up on Frieda and after I told him she was about the same as when he saw her, he told me a decision might be in my midst with his deep Harry Connick, Jr drawl. Somehow his use of the term "good golly" comforts me.

Frieda, the super mutt, has been a most outstanding pet and family member. She has lived a long, good life with us after I found her at the local "little store" around the corner from our then small farm house. Mr. Hawthorne and I weren't married yet and he did not want to keep her. But, she gradually wiggled her way into his heart and our life (even during her tween, chew everything up in site phase). She is a kind soul with tremendous amounts of patience with the kids. She has always been a fearless protector of our family in times of crises whenever the occasional occurrence of stray cats crossing the font lawn or squirrels running the fence line. Her not to missed flop-on-the-ground-rub-the-belly move has always been a welcoming greeting to strangers. We will never forget the comical songs she sings to us when she wants to go outside. She has taught my children to be responsible and thoughtful. She has scolded them for being unkind, but she has never acted out in anger towards them. And, soon she will be teaching them the ultimate lesson in the cycle of life.

Her southern doctor will be back in the office on Tuesday. I'm going to hold through the weekend before making any rash decisions. For now she is not in pain and on medication.

Thank you Frieda! We love you!

May 28, 2009

this and that

  • Last night I went to Hot Pilates and sweated profusely. After getting home, I took a shower and went to bed with wet hair. This does not make for a good look in the morning. Too tired and unwilling to shower again, I decided to embrace the curls and used a curling iron I bought a few months back. The heat from the curling helped with the frizz and after using a little product, it looks okay. I am happy.
  • Petite Artiste is potty trained. She has been wearing underwear 24/7 for about a week now. She still has an occasional accident here and there, but being that she is brand new to this whole pee in the pot trick, she is doing great. She has a bladder like an iron trap door though and only goes a few times a day. I load her up on liquids as much as I can force her to drink so who knows.
  • Frieda, the super mutt, has not been acting 100% these days. She has lost a good amount of weight in her hind quarters. And, recently she has taken up labored breathing as if she is a smoker trying to climb 15 floors of stairs. At night she almost growls out her breath and tends to cough when it becomes too much. I called the vet yesterday and I take her in today. I am hopeful for the best, but prepared for the worse. I don't want her to suffer and she has lived a good, long life with us. Although I would be sad to let her go, I know it would be best if her prognoses is to be bleak. We shall see.
  • Oh the house! At least once a day I get asked the same question: "so what is going on with your house?" Long story, short: nothing. Nothing is going on with the house. After relisting May 5th, we've seen very little traffic. We lost valuable time being tied up with the soon to be divorcee whose husband will never let her get a divorce and I'm a tad bitter about it. With each passing day we get closer to our once closing date of June 15. The house we wanted, and had lined up to purchase, has now become active to inspection meaning we have lost it. I've lost hope.

May 26, 2009

grace in small things 35

1. Petite Artiste being potty trained (three cheers for not having to buy diapers ever again!!)

2. mornings suddenly opening up

3. shoe shopping

4. Costco cupcakes (holy smokes they are huge!!)

5. summer weather

May 25, 2009

twin falls

Today we hiked the twin falls trail. Although we didn't actually see the twin falls up close, we enjoyed the hike along the way.

grace in small things 34

1. my children's ability to roll with it

2. corn on the cob

3. fenced backyards

4. three day weekends

5. mid morning hikes

mariners vs giants

Mr. Hawthorne took El Fuego and Miss Divine to a baseball game Sunday morning. They had loads of fun and as little league players, the kids walked in parade around the field before the game started. Mr. Hawthorne had the kids take a picture with one of the Mariners:
Then later realized the player was #53, also known as relief pitcher.

They had a great time!

And, even got to see Ken Griffey Jr back on Seattle soil.

May 22, 2009

dinosaur rock 'n roll

Miss Divine
May 20, 2009
Spring Dance Recital Rehearsal

which begs the question... it Iced Coffee weather?

kelly visits

Last weekend I was treated with a visit of my oldest and dearest friend. A couple years ago, I boarded the plane to fly out to Michigan to see her and this time she flew out to see me. I guess next trip will my turn. We spend the majority of our time together laughing, being silly, taking pictures and eating. It is most enjoyable!! I picked her Friday afternoon and we hit the road giggling every second of the way. I drove her down south to our old haunts and met up with old friends. We ate at Olive Garden (a must for us to do when together). We saw the kids play baseball and softball. Went to the Snoqulamie Falls. Toured the chocolate factory. Had tea at Queen Mary's Tea Room, although the Queen was no where to be found. Perused Pike Place. Walked the pier. Saw a movie. And, laughed our hinkle-stiens off. It was a blasty blast and I miss her terribly.

May 15, 2009

if you need me...

I'll be at the airport picking up my bestest buddy in the whole world!!! Pictures to follow...

May 14, 2009

grace in small things 33

1. reconnecting with a lost friendship via Facebook

2. Kelly coming!!

3. three different (and unknown) people waving at me today

4. the sunshine finally peeking out

5. the smell of clean laundry

May 11, 2009

grace in small things 32

1. being back on my lap top with the ability to download pictures off my camera and onto facebook and here.

2. Kelly coming to visit Friday!!

3. jeans still fitting even though I haven't been down to the gym for a month

4. carmex!!

5. facials and ladies night

lil slugger

Yesterday ended on an eventful note. The neighbor's "big" kids were outside playing catch and El Fuego and Miss Divine, being little league kids, wanted to join in. Unfortunately, Miss Divine caught the baseball with her face. Luckily, she was wearing her glasses and that most likely saved her little eyeball. She had an instant gushing nose bleed which was what I thought all that happened at first. Then we realized it was her eye and cheek that was in worse shape. My neighbor is also a nurse, so she check Miss Divine out. As a precaution, we called Children's Hospital information line, and they directed us to the E.R. All in all, she is fine. I'm keeping her home from school this morning. She is bruised and swollen and her nose is sort of off to the side. But, she is a tough cookie and is in good spirits.

The morning after....

May 7, 2009

random, random-ness

  • The sun came out after two days of straight rain. So I bought some potted plants, cleaned off the deck and spoofed up my staging skills.
  • Sweet black tea from Starbucks is darn right yummy!
  • Our house is officially back on the market....
  • I've yet to get a Hanna Andersson article of clothing that doesn't fall apart. What up Hanna? I thought your clothes were supposed to last through generations of children??
  • One week until Kelly's visit!
  • I took myself for a fabulous facial last night which included tinting of the eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • El Fuego took a shower from start to finish all by his lonesome....FREEDOM!!!!
  • I'm thinking cereal would be a delightful dinner option.
  • I very much wish Petite Artiste was potty trained, but I lack the energy to do anything about actually potty training her.
  • I miss possessing the ability to download pictures off my camera and posting them here....

May 5, 2009

when life hands you lemons...

make lemonade of course!!! Can I just get real for a minute people? I've made so much lemonade recently, that I have permanent heartburn. I am supremely convinced the universe has it out for me in a big way.

I. Just. Can't. Win! (No matter what I do. No matter how hard I try. I'm convinced!)

This afternoon I was delivered a call in which I was first asked if I was sitting down. Never good to start a conversation that way. Then I was told the buyer of our house had to pull out and no longer could close. *Sucker Punch!* I don't know....something about the court changing the date on the divorce she was banking her down payment on. Yadda, yadda, yadda. I am left confused.

Short story, short: we were faxed a form in which we had to cancel the purchase of the house we have come to love; and worked so damn hard for I might add.

We re-list tonight. I'm flooded with emotions but am speechless at the same time. The knowledge of our neighboring house also being put on the market next week leaves me unsure.

I feel exhausted!

May 2, 2009

hello may

Can you believe it's May already? Here is it Saturday, an hour to noon, and I've just realized another week has passed. Before I know it, it will be Sunday and another week will be just beginning. When growing up, it felt like it took forever for my birthday to come and Christmas?!? Hoo-Boy, don't get me started on how long I waited for that holiday to come around. Now that I'm older, and wiser (wink, wink), the days, weeks, months just fly by. Another day, another holiday. It all melds into one another in a blink of an eye. Crazy!

Today is PICTURE DAY for El Fuego's baseball team and Miss Divine's softball team. And, after three glorious days of sunshine the weather has turned sour just in time. However, I hear overcast days are best for photos. I'm sure they will be cute regardless.

Mr. Hawthorne took El Fuego to his hair cut last night. I must admit, it is by far the best hair cut he has ever had. His hair grows quite fast so in between trims, he sports a rather long shag with ginger waves going every which way. And, haircuts makes for a dramatic difference.

Have I mentioned I have a major crush on Facebook? I dare say, I'm slightly addicted. Finding old school chums and long lost friends has proven to be highly enjoyable. However, it is a major time suck so I have been trying to cut back to only checking it two or three times a day. Bwahahahaha!!!!

My darling friend is coming from Michigan to see me in two weeks. I'm so excited! We met while working together at a long gone retail establishment many, many years ago. She was my maid-of-honor when I got married. She cracks me up and we've had many adventures together. Including this one:

I'm looking to recreate this picture when she is in town.