November 30, 2012


Why is hair so important to us gals?
We agonize over it. We color it. We envy other's. We hide it. We blow it out. We curl it up. We buy product for it. We spend hours looking at it. And, if someone pays us a compliment over it, we tend to respond with a lackadaisical "ohhh, thanks" while we shrug our shoulders. But inside, we are SCREAMING "Yes, someone noticed how GREAT my hair day is officially made!"
Here's the thing. I've never had much luck with my mane. It's this crazy texture. A mix between curly and not. Frizzy and wavy. Fine but thick. Not to mention, I posses one of the meanest cowlicks known to man. People actually think I have straight hair. I do not. I spend mucho face time in front of the mirror with my friends, the blow dryer and the flat iron.
For a year now, I've been sporting variations of a pixie cut. I do love this short hair thing. That is the truth. I've cut my blow drying and flat ironing time by more than half.  
But, still. I have this mop on top of my head that needs grooming and with short dos the amount of times you visit the stylist's chair goes up. I've been super frustrated with the amount of money these frequent visits cost. Sure, I get a nice cup of something warm. The stylists semi gets my style right. We make chit chat and she/he pretends to be interested in my job as a full time mother. And, in the end, I've never been completely, 100% satisfied with the outcome. Forced to shell out between fifty and eighty smackaroos. Only to hold my breath and cross my fingers the next time.
Yet it never fails, with every new stylist at the next, new, hip spa-like joint my hopes are raised. Thinking, maybe, this time I will immediately fall in love with my perfectly coiffed hair. Only the next time, is exactly like the last time. I'm never completely satisfied no matter how much the stylist fakely smiles and tells me how cute everything is. I know, they know, that I know, that they totally effed up and how they only are allotted an hour per costumer and my time done runned out.
I'm not over exaggerating people. Really I'm not. This is the truth. I have hard hair. I admit it. And, I'm not just whining.
Unwilling to go through the pain of making an appointment and draining my bank account just for my stupid hair, I happened to find myself in front of a Great Clips this afternoon. Yes, Great Clips. It was right next to Radio Shack. Two places I have long stopped going into since the eighties.
I always sorta assumed Great Clips are those establishments only men, children and older folks get their hair did at. But, there I was peering through the window watching the three Asian women shuffle one gentlemen after another. I took a chance. I walked in. I confidently gave my name.
Five minutes later I was in a chair trying to explain my style as simply as I could to my 'English as a Second Language' stylist. She made quick work of my head. We didn't make small talk. I wasn't offered a beverage. And, she barely dried my hair. Which was totally OK by me, because I came home right after and styled it myself. The best part, however, I was charged only sixteen dollars (plus five for shampooing) for just maybe one of the best haircuts I've had in a year.
Who knew!
Great Clips!

November 29, 2012

birthday boy

Hard to believe I met this guy a mere nineteen years ago. Something cosmic made me stop at his cubical in our university library one fall afternoon. A brave move on my part I might add. We've been "together" ever since. I love the way he loves me and I appreciate his loyalty to our family. So, on this special day, I wish my Mr. Hawthorne a very Happy Birthday!


November 28, 2012


The four day, Thanksgiving weekend came and went. Everyone was healthy and happy. Monday morning rolled around and all my hopes of getting more crap done with everyone out of the house was squashed by this chick. She woke barking like a seal and suffering from random nose bleeds throughout the day. We ventured out today for a quick visit with the doc only to find out sickie doesn't suffer from anything that they will treat with medicine so we are forced to just wait it out.
In other news, my house continues to thrive in a constant state of clutter and mess. It looks like a moving company and a laundromat came in and threw up. Everywhere. My mind-set started out with moving a couch to make room for the Christmas tree. However, it's resulted in a full scale rearrangement of almost every room. I do not have OCD. Sadly. I tend to bounce from one room to the next starting projects only to be interrupted by some other project. In fact, I'm sitting here writing this post when I should be working on (and finishing) one of my many projects. I annoy myself. Maybe I have ADD instead.
My goal is to have everything in tip-top shape by the end of this week. I've got two days left.
Wish me luck.

November 25, 2012

tree farm 2012

Every year my wee family and I trek to our favorite tree farm nestled on the side of a mountain. And, through the nine-ish/ten-ish years we've been doing so, this little farm has turned from a quaint little cabin in the middle of a forest of Christmas trees, to a full scale operation. Every season there have been changes and this year wasn't any different. We were surprised to see a huge pole barn standing behind that little cabin complete with fancy heat lamps. But what hasn't changed is the camp fire, free hot cocoa, Santa Claus, the old fire engine and the trees of course.

We jumped at the break in the rain as it's been a monsoon up in these parts. The farm was a bit sloshy because of it. But, the weather wasn't too cold and the hot cocoa was aplenty, so we enjoyed kick starting the holiday season together.

A friend told me not too long ago that her goal for the holiday was to have everything Christmas done by the first of December. That way, the season can be slowed down and enjoyed. Instead of rushed and stressed. I've sorta/kinda been trying to do the same.

Mr. Hawthorne had this week of Thanksgiving off . We enjoyed taking a major chunk out of our Christmas list shopping together while the kidlets were in school.

Consequently, I feel totally on top of this holiday thing this year. Gift shopping is almost complete. Tree has been cut down and brought home. Photos for the Christmas card have been taken. And it's not even December first yet. Booya!

Here's hoping your season is merry and bright.

Happy Holidays!

November 16, 2012

anam cara

There is a belief in Ireland that if we're lucky we will find a soul friend, or anam cara. I believe I have found mine in Kelly.

We met while working at the same department store some eighteen years ago. She worked in lingerie, I was in sportswear. We were fast friends! Young and silly.

She even held court as my matron of honor when Mr. Hawthorne and I married.

Kelly now lives in Michigan and I don't get to see her (in person) often enough. But through modern technology we often chat on a daily basis which I love.

Today is her birthday and I wish I could celebrate her awesome-ness right along aside her while we "cheers" over mango mojitos. Since we can't be together in person, this long distance wish will have to do.

So, my dearest friend! Paco! My bestie! Kemosabe! My anam cara! I wish you a very Happy Birthday! I miss you much! xoxo



November 7, 2012

four more years

The election of twenty-twelve is, for the most part, over. Halle-freaking-lujah!! The ads on the television was enough to bug the crap out of me. I mean really! They were/are ridiculous! Not to mention every single time one was broadcast across my small screen, I could only think about the amount of money that was wasted.
I don't pride myself to be the most current on all things politics. I pay attention here and there. I form opinions when I've read/researched both sides. And, I ignore the negative banter. I've never written about my views here. Because I don't want to deal with any negative backlash. Who has time for an online, mud slinging, comment war anyway. Not me! That said I plant my feet firmly when it comes to the political views I do posses. 
One thing I know for sure, I will never give my vote to someone who even hints at trying to take the right to choose away from women. Long story, short: I've taken some form of oral contraceptive since I was about twelve years old until I had a hysterectomy in 2008. Not because I was trying to control births but because it was a medical necessity to function and maintain a quality of life. And, thank goodness, I've always had some form of insurance to help make it possible to deal with the cost of my medical needs. However, the contraceptives themselves weren't always covered and I was shelling out thirty to fifty bucks a month back in the day. Which back in the day, was a lot! Actually, still is, methinks!! 
I whole heartily feel it is more than just whether abortions should be legal or not. It's more than planned parenthood passing out free birth control. It is about valuing WOMEN as human beings that can make medical decisions for themselves. Period.
Not only that, I truly believe if the shoe was on the other foot, and a hard fought right of men was being debated. (GASP!) It would NEVER get a second thought. EVER! It would be squashed. Just like that. Never to be brought up again. I hate that this war on "women's right to choose" is constantly battled. It infuriates me in fact!
So I stand, not only for myself but mostly for these two.
I hope you are too.

November 1, 2012


The themed, matching Halloween costumes are a distant memory. Instead, I present zee vampire, the mime and the five foot zombie hunter.