April 16, 2010

swoon worthy

A recent list of blogs worthy of swooning over. Enjoy!

Also check out Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database. It had me rethinking many products we use on a daily basis. If only the stuff that truly won't hurt us in the least possible way wasn't so darn expensive. I can't imagine a family living pay-check to pay-check and wanting to live healthier, being able to "splurge" on these products. And, not just cosmetics but in food as well. Something has to change. It's not fair that the stuff that is better for us is so expensive and yet we are made to feel guilty for not buying and spending. However, the stuff that is really, truly bad for us is cheap and often found on really good sales. It's crazy!

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Carrie said...

Hey - regarding the cosmetics safety database...my friend Sarah is now selling Ava Anderson Non Toxic. All of her stuff is rated "0" (so, the best) and I'm trying it out this week. So far, it's been great! I may end up selling it myself.

I can't believe how HIGH some of my stuff was rated. Really makes you think! I agree though - fresh produce and good-for-you products need to be more affordable!!!