April 14, 2010

the story of bangs

Last summer Miss Divine had oodles of hair.

Then one afternoon in October, she watched the movie Parent Trap and decided she wanted "bangs" just like Lindsey Lohan. So she went into her closet with a pair of school scissors and cut herself some. She showed me her new hairstyle and with school picture day in just two days, I had myself a little freak-out.

We managed to hide the little snafu with some fancy hairstyling and use of hair gel. No one was the wiser.

A few weeks later, Miss Divine got herself an actual hair cut with bangs.
There was still a really short bit, so we've been patiently growing her bangs out and trimming them up so the two bits would match in length.
This evening was the very last trim and I'm happy to say her bangs are all one length. Yippee!!

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