April 30, 2010

goodbye april

Today was the last day of April and I didn't even realize it. I had myself a very bizarre end to a fast paced month filled with nothing much to write about. I feel like my body is in today but my mind is in last Tuesday. I just haven't been able to keep up no matter how many times I consult my calendar. Not to mention, I think my memory is going. Is that a sign of old age?

These past four weeks have been on a tipsy-turvy, overloaded crash course with baseball games/practices and softball games/practices and Mr. Hawthorne marathon training and doctor appointments and dance classes and social outings and babysitting detail and sick children and sick mommy. Really I'm surprised I remember to pick the kids up at the right times every afternoon.

To top it off I totally forgot I had made plans earlier in the week to stop in and visit friends today. I feel horrible about it. What a lame-o I am. I know life happens and mistakes are bound to litter our lives, but, I just hate knowing that someone was waiting and I didn't deliver. So, I had myself a strawberry margarita at dinner to squash the guilt. I hope to share a margarita with Ms. Preggers in roughly 21 weeks to make up for my lame-ness.

On a brighter note. I came across these most fantastical velum mobiles via Design Mom this evening. I'm currently trying to stockpile this idea into the right side of my brain. I'm envisioning them in blue and green hues over the lunch table for Miss Divine's Under the Sea birthday party. They look pretty easy to make. You can find them at project wedding and the directions are here.

Another super fabulous, new fave is Birthday Girl. I'm pretty sure I love her.

Oh and in other news. I am delving into the email realm of blogging. You can say hi just by heading over the right side of this screen and finding that little box labeled "email". I'm sort of excited to see what might be waiting for me in that little inbox. But nervous too. Not everyone is nice like you.

Did I tell you that I am having a little internal organ looked at next week to see what it's up to? No. Well, I mentioned I was very sick this past weekend with flu like symptoms but it wasn't the flu. Coupled with a lot of pain, I started fitting the puzzle pieces together of past similar situations and I came to suspect my gallbladder as the culprit. Mr. Hawthorne asked me if it was my goal to get all my unnecessary organs removed. I told him I would weigh less that way. Har. Har. Har. My ultrasound is on Cinco de Mayo. Maybe I'll bring some chips and salsa with me. You know, make a party out of it.

Today's challenge (see below) has been kicked into gear. Once I opened that door, there was no going back. Although after getting half of the "stuff" out I realized I didn't remember this room being as big. I pictured it smaller. But judging by the amount of "stuff" I had in there I was wrong. Although all the "stuff" is lining the hallway and some stacked in our master bedroom, it is all organized. That alone brings me a little hope. It's a big job. More to come.

Are you still with me?? I won't be offended if you've clicked away by now. That strawberry margarita has me a little long winded. Jeesh! All this chatter just to say April has been a tough one. See you all in May!

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