January 13, 2010

adventures of franklin & mavis: month 5.5

Franklin and Mavis had their biggest adventure to date this morning. At 5.5 months, they got up bright, early and full of excitement. They were confused about skipping breakfast but both were happy to take a "drive" however unknowingly they arrived at the veterinarian's office. Franklin caught on fairly quickly and refused to get out of the car. Mavis thought she was there to visit with friends and get treats. After receiving lots of hellos and pets they both deposited giant poops on the floor. Then, they were whisked away to the very mysterious backroom where they are never allowed not realizing I had left. After that their adventure, I'm sure, was not all that pleasant as Franklin was neutered and Mavis was spayed. They are home now and feeling good, wanting to play. Playing is NOT allowed for ten to twelve days. I have no idea how I'm going to keep two very active puppies calm that long. It will surely prove to be an adventure for me.

January 12, 2010


On my home today, I passed a woman driving her car, waiting to make a right hand turn, dressed in an abaya. She stood out to me because she was in a light colored car and her black garment was a stark contrast. I stared more than I should only because it took me surprise. Living in a diverse area, with many different cultures, I'm used to seeing a flurry of colors. It is often I hear other languages being spoken around me. But to see a woman completely covered up except for her eyes was a bit of a surprise. I don't know much about abayas or burqas. All I do know is that it is a religious belief to cover themselves up completely. But why? What is the purpose? I wondered why their religion requires women to cover themselves and not men. Upon seeing her, I immediately thought of the movie Not Without my Daughter.

I believe with all my heart in women's rights. This is why I'm a Democrat. Seeing a woman dressed totally in black, by her choice or not, caused me to reflect on my beliefs. There's that old saying: 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'. Loosely meaning behave as those around do which is all fine and dandy if you were around others that behaved in a way you agreed with or found enjoyment in their behaviors. For instance, if I was in Spain and the sixth hour rolled around, I would have no problem taking a siesta. I would defiantly partake in that behavior. However, if for some reason, I found myself in Saudi Arabia I would have a hard time behaving like the Romans. However, seeing her and only her and no one else dressed like her in my neck of the woods made me wonder if soon she'll be behaving like those around her. In a different country, around different cultures. Mixing company with women that don't share in the same beliefs as her world. Will she continue to cover herself up completely exposing her religious beliefs so openly? Or will she feel the need to peel that layer off and keep her views private?

This is an interesting thought for me. By simply dressing oneself, from head to toe, in black fabric a woman can make a very powerful statement. With one look, you can gather a good amount of information: her cultural background, her gender, and her religious beliefs. In a way, she is very brave living in a small American city to wear her 'life' on her sleeve so to speak. I'm not sure I would be so brave.

January 11, 2010


Tonight I casually looked at my own profile. I was shocked to see the little profile all the way down on the bottom right hand corner has been hit one thousand and one hundred times. That's one thousand and one hundred people who have been curious to read more about me. Me!! Can you believe it? No, I know. I can't either. Sadly, I disappoint I'm sure for all it says is that I'm a wife of one and a mom of three. Snooze. I should add I have two puppies that pee all over my family room floor no matter how many times I tell them it's bad to so. They don't care. And, that I often skip showers because it doesn't improve my appearance much however I hate to offend so I keep myself smelling good and bathed. You're welcome. I live among clutter in spite of loathing it but old habits rarely die and I'm a sentimental fool who hates to throw away "memories". I love browsing antique shops and party stores. Women wearing too much perfume and blush drive me a little insane as well as burn my nose hairs. Conan O'Brien makes me smile. Taylor Swift does not. I never wear make up but love Sephora. I know. Walking contradiction here. I do not like ladybugs, unloading the dishwasher and folding laundry not in that order but hate all equally the same. One can never accuse me of not being fair.

I could also add I've recently become Twilighter. Don't hate me please. I stayed away as long as could but in preparations for a recent 5 hour plane flight and a hand-me-down book was a hard combination to refuse. I succumbed. I apologize. I'm funnier when I drink a margarita and I enjoy myself fully when I've done so. Although, consider yourself warned as I'm a lightweight and it only takes one. Actually, more like half of one. But, I'm a riot if I do say so myself. My husband loves me in spite of being the good, the bad and the ugly at any given moment. I love trashy reality TV shows and Urban Dictionary. We recently moved after a very long and agonizing journey known as "selling a house".

And how I skipped, jumped and hopped onto the OR table for my hysterectomy just over one year ago for that was one of the top ten best decisions I've ever made in my life to date. What are the other nine? Not sure yet but I know getting a hysterectomy is on the list for sure. I do not consider myself book smart but I ooze common sense. I cannot tan. I have two shades, white and red. It's not sexy. It's my 2010 goal to acquire passports for everyone in my family so I can take my Canada loving son to Canada. I also have a 2010 goal to try a spin class. Wish me luck now because I'll need it. I adore people who can do imitations. And, funny words make me giggle. Oh, and, I giggle a lot. Sometimes at very inappropriate times which only makes me giggle even more. I also never call people by nick names unless they've introduce themselves as that being their name. If I met you as Sandra, you will always and forever will be Sandra to me, never Sandy. Melissa will never be Missy. Linda will never be Lynn. Elizabeth will never be Liz, etc, etc. Movies based on true stories fascinate me. I love a good tune. And, when I reflect on my life, it often has background music. I wish there was one thing I did really, really well effortlessly. Wouldn't matter what it was as long as it came easy to me and I was awesome at it. Because damn it, I really want to be awesome!

And, last but not least I could add...

Drum roll please....

After 1,100 profile hits the most popular googled/binged post of Little Irish is a little somethin-somethin I whipped up involving an exacto knife and clip art. It boggles my mind. I think if I want more hits and profile look-ups, I should write Strawberry Shortcake, like I just did, into every post somehow. Stealth, I tell ya....

January 3, 2010

marks the beginning

As we were driving East on 202 yesterday, Mr. Hawthorne innocently mentioned the pending birthday of a soon to be 4 year old in a few short months. And with that, our birthday season begins. I have carnival/circus themes floating around my head for Petite Artiste. She actually requested the theme about a year ago and it stuck. Here and there I've picked up a few things, eyeballed many websites and started forming a plan in my head. Our backyard at this house is much bigger than our backyard at the old house and I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it will be warm enough (or at the very least, mild enough) for a semi-outdoor party. I have grand ideas for going big, but I have a feeling I won't be inviting all her little school chums so I'm thinking about going medium. My only concern for all my children's birthdays is that they "remember" the event. I want them to look back and say "when I step out, the whole backyard was transformed". I hope they have fond memories of their parties and develop favorites. Awe, I love birthday season!!

*photos from MarthaStewart.com

January 1, 2010

a quick cleaning never hurt anyone...

Go check THIS out...you won't regret it.

goodbye 2009

I don't think anybody was as excited as me to see the year 2009 go. On this very day, one year ago, I had no idea how hard of a journey I was about to embark on.

The selling of our little old house and the purchasing of our current home was a not a fun experience. I grimace looking back on it. Horrible! And it lasted pretty much the entire year. It wasn't until mid October when we finally arrived, swimming in boxes, and throwing our mattresses on the floor to sleep that I could convince myself it was finally over.

The loss of our family companions pretty much back to back happen in a whirlwind. Our puppy of a year and half from a tragic accident with play-doh. And, then our long time pet of lung cancer. I can't say I ever spent more money on vet bills all the while being completely heart sick than I was during those few months.

I never thought for a moment that I would deal with difficult school situations as last year. My worry and mulling seemed to be on high alert when coupled with all the other stresses. It boggles my mind the pressure and stress we parents put ourselves under when dealing with our children's education. I'm no exception.

The year wasn't a total loss, however. We did end up selling our house and buying a new place to call home. I think we will happy here. We celebrated three fantastic birthdays. We opened our hearts to two new puppy additions, Franklin and Mavis. Although, I fear I will never get these two potty trained!! The kids seem well adjusted and happy. The holidays were fun and stress free. Mr. Hawthorne has a stable job and we all have good health.

We welcomed 2010 in with a special dinner, putting the kids to bed at normal their normal bed-time, watched a movie and snuggled in bed to catch the fireworks on tv from the Space Needle. All-in-all, perfect. Hello New Year, may you be brave, happy and fabulous!