August 27, 2011

still here

Hello friends!

I'm still here. Been neglecting the ole blog and with what (?) I can't even really say. Feels like we've been busy with a whole lot of nothing these days. But we've been busy going and coming.

In between all that, I've been getting the kids ready for the first day of school. All three kids will be going to the same school with the same schedule. Which, by the way, I am so excited about!

When you feel the earth move under your feet on the morning of September 6th. Never fear, it's just me doing the happy dance!! Don't get me wrong peoples....I love my wee chicklets with all my heart, but all this kid time (24/7) has made for a very weary mommy.

August 22, 2011

weekend wrap up :: in pictures

We had ourselves a fabulous time this weekend. The girls were at Grandma's house for pony camp so that left us with some free time and some new found freedom we don't usually have with three kids.

El Fuego and I drove to the Seattle Aquarium and enjoyed the Seattle Pier one day. Lunch, site seeing and the lovely weather was had.

We were also invited to join some friends on their boat. We had a blast being towed around the lake.

It was a great weekend!!

August 12, 2011

thirteen years

Eighteen years ago, I met this kid!
Of course, he looked a bit different than this. He was taller and wiser but just as cute.
In fact this photo was taken the year I was born.
We met my first year of college. I was fresh out of high school. He was six years older and had made his way back to school. I always knew when he had recently walked the halls of the old building because I could smell a faint trace of his cologne.

(I hope that doesn't sound creepy.)

Long story, short: We started dating. All that mushy stuff followed suit.

But seriously, how could we deny our mutual love of Schwinn bicycles.
It was meant to be.

Thirteen years ago, this Sunday, we were married, outside, with the sound of bag pipes in the background on the hottest day of that year. Five houses, three kids, and several animals we are.

Dear Mr. Hawthorne,
Happy Anniversary!
Here's to thirteen more. I love you!

August 10, 2011

thank yous

So I've been a little behind my A-game recently. Birthday season is officially over. All the parties have been planned and celebrated.

I plopped my tushie on the couch and had myself some R&R.

However, I decided I couldn't go another day without getting El Fuego's thank you cards sent out.

With some black (blank) cards and envelopes, white shipping labels and my laptop, this is what we came up with. They turned out cute in spite of the amount of times I cursed at my office word program.

We used a photo from El Fuego's skate party of the kids hangin' on their scooters at the skate park. Added some text and clip art. And, voila! Easy Peasy!!

Inside we created some fill in the blank notes also printed out on the white shipping labels. Then El Fuego filled in the names and fabulous presents he received. This is a win win for both of us. He only has to write the information that is different and I don't have to fight with him to write out his thank you cards. You see, my boy is not fond of handwriting anything. Sigh.

August 8, 2011

5k run

What does a boy do on his very first day of being ten years old you ask.

He rises out of bed at six o'clock.
A.M. that is.
And, joins his dad to run a 5K!

Then he wins a $50 dollar gift certificate as a prize winner.
Woo! Woot!

sk8er boy

 El Fuego celebrated his tenth birthday on Saturday. We started out the day picking out party treats at his requested destination.

Then we hit the local skate park and set up camp waiting for the party guests. 

 Once the crew arrived, skating and fun ensued.

 Because El Fuego requested donuts over cupcakes/cake, "Happy Birthday" was sung over a chocolate bar. He didn't seem to mind and 'dare to be different' is what I always say anyway.
Then my super secret surprise arrived. I hired the ice cream truck to do a drive by which was perfect because by the time she arrived, I had a few sweaty bodies on my hands.
Some cold relief was much needed.

Every kiddo this birthday season has asked to open gifts at their parties with their friends. El Fuego was no exception. Even being at the skate park didn't deter this kid. So we pulled up a park bench and opened presents.

 This group of aged kids are pleasant to be around. They are mellow and witty.

 I enjoyed their company very much.
Happy 10th Birthday!!

August 3, 2011

summer swim

The kids have been taking swim lessons this summer. The girls LOVE it! Miss Petite isn't a fan of jumping into the water from the side without help though. Which is why I gave her a wee push this afternoon. Lovingly, of course.

El Fuego is more cautious but today showed much improvement. At the last lesson, he pulled "I have a stomach ache" routine and did a bunch of whining about how he was telling the truth. My biggest pet peeve is when my children do that horrible whiny noise and refuse to listen to my words. So, El Fuego was given a few stern words of encouragement this afternoon. Lovingly, of course. 

Miss Divine doesn't seem to have that fear receptor in her brain. She tends to just go for it. She is perfecting her back stroke and is looking pretty good. Miss Divine also likes to tell you how great she is at it too. Which is why I told her not to brag. Lovingly, of course.