April 11, 2010

she, me and archie mcphee

My fabulous friend, Amanda, turned me onto this store called ARCHIE McPHEE in Seattle. I had been itching to get out of the house so I rounded up my middle child, Miss Divine, and took her out for an excursion. She's a good girl to go on excursions with. She likes to hold my hand and I never have to worry about her straying off away from me too far. We enjoy each other's company which I love. I wish I had more time to spend one-on-one with each of my kids. It's a great way to get to know them as individuals. I adore the little bits of time I get to sneak one off at a time.
Anyhoo, ARCHIE McPHEE is a hilarious mishmash store of odd things and rare finds. We had a great time wondering around. We even doubled back a few times because there were things we didn't see on our first go around. Miss Divine was oogling this very large tulip.
Afterwards we headed to Trophy Cupcake. We spied some very cute seahorse napkins and decided to buy them for our upcoming Under the Sea birthday party in June. To which Miss Divine announced to the sales clerk that they were for her birthday. The sales clerk assumed it was her birthday today so she gave Miss Divine a candle in her cupcake. We didn't argue.
Happy "FUN" Day Miss Divine!!

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