April 24, 2010

closet take-over

Yesterday I decided I was tired of looking at my office/craft/scrapbook clutter in the living room. I had unsuccessfully crammed left over house bits and bobs into the downstairs coat closet. In other words....anything I had no idea what to do with, I shoved it into the closet, shut the door and forgot about it. Therefore, I embarked on my "Closet Take-Over" project.

First I emptied the closet. Oy! What a mess.

Ta-Da! Cleaned out but the walls looked terrible. I couldn't make an awesome craft closet with the walls looking horrible. So I painted it! We had left over paint from the downstairs bathroom. It's name? Silver Lining. Love it!!
I had a shelf I was using in the corner of the living room that was overfilled with crap and looked very cluttered. Most days I avoided looking at it.
Then I had to decide how I was going to get all this stuff into the closet in a neat and organized fashion.
Here is what I have today. Looks good so far.

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