July 31, 2008

to all the sweatshirts i've loved before

Aw yes, Mr. Rags. Even better, Mr. Rags sweatshirts. Anyone remember these?? Everyone who was anyone had to have one when I was jr high. Not only that, just to give you a sense of how fashion forward I was . . . I even paired my purple sweatshirt with the pink, graffiti splashed label, with a matching pink turtleneck. Go on, you can be envious. I was young and kooky like that. Design just spilled out of me. I had no control over it.

Mr. Rags was a store at the Capital Mall in Olympia Washington when I was growing up. They sold mass amounts of teen sized clothes all with this annoying logo. The boxy sweatshirts were the most popular, I think, as I remember that's what I had to have. It wasn't until a few months ago when I mentioned to my friend, Julie, "oh like Mr. Rags sweatshirts" that she stared at me blankly and I realized not everyone knew what Mr. Rags was. It was that "thing" everyone had to have to make you cool. It was the Louis Vuitton, the Jimmy Choo, if you will, of the day. They were right up there with Espirit book bags and feathered (Aqua Net sprayed) bangs.

Speaking of hair . . . . . .what the hell?? Ouch! That's painful to look at. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I'm now rethinking my whole "I think I'll get bangs" idea. Why didn't my mother stop me from walking out of the house?

Besides all that crazy fashion and hair of the 80s, this picture was taken on my grandmother's front porch of her tiny trailer out at Scott Lake. She had a green thumb like no other and her porch was usually covered with greenery and flowers. Not to mention the extra refrigerator and ugly upholstered lounge chair because my roots are a little "white trash" y'all!!

:: more camp ::

Today I made badges for the kids at Wonder Boy's birthday party to attach to their camp shirts after we play games and have done campy things.

We have one for bracelet making, one for s'mores eating, one for sleeping bag racing, one for birthday cake finding (scavenger hunt), and one for tug-a-war playing.

I had this idea to make badges but had no idea how I was going to do it. I saw a couple hand felted, hand embroidered patches on Etsy, but let's face it I don't have that kind of time nor would they look cute. So this was what I came up with. I bought wooden squares and little jewelry clasps at Michael's. I found some campy clip-art, made them small and printed them out. Then I used Mod Podge to glue the clip-art on and glued the clasps on back.

Fun and simple.

Here's the start of the goodie bags. They are those cloth, drawstring backpacks. I screen printed our camp logo on and we are going to fill them with compasses, flashlights, trail mix and canteens . . . . plus their goodies from the party can go inside.

July 29, 2008

dear GAP, it's me again . . . .

Dear GAP,

You've done it again. You know I can't stay mad you for very long, you three-lettered charmer you! I still disagree with your prices little mister, but I do love your soft fabric and boho chic style. You've lured me in with this,

and this,
and this,
and even this!!
And won!

So even though after washing those long-ass, amazonian, curvy trousers, I discovered they had lots of shrinkage and fit great now (my bad!), I still have a hard time finding curvy pants in your stores over size 2 which is a little hard to swallow my friend. And believe me, I've swallowed a lot to get to the size I am! But I forgive and I have begun to trust you a little bit more with such cute tops. Although I still do not believe women wearing size two need extra room in the bottom, rear-end region. I'm just sayin' . . . . Think about it!

Once again,

Your friend,

Little Irish


This is Suzie . . . . . well, this is Suzie before her mouth and teeth decided to attack her. My mother came across Suzie's story not too long ago and has been trying to raise money for a much needed surgery to save Suzie's life. Costs totally about $3,500 dollars.

This is Suzie now.

This is Suzie getting help.

Many kind friends have stepped up in support of this gentle spirit. If you would like to read more about her story and her journey go to Suzie Lives. Every little bit helps . . . .

*Update: Suzie had her surgery and is resting and doing well. Her long journey isn't over however and funds are still needed to cover the cost.

*Update: (8-6-08) Suzie, unfortunately passes away after her surgery. She took a turn for the worse this week. Complications from the surgery? Went too long before getting the much needed surgery? Possibly. We'll never know. Thanks for all your well wishes.

:: shout outs :: part duex

Stephanie :: Much love to you my dear old friend. I can't think about rolled up jeans, fluffy bangs, camping in the driveway and leather bomber jackets without thinking about you.

Kelly :: I hope your wrist feels better soon! Hang in there girlie!! I need to plan a trip out again. I miss you!

Gayle :: Thank you for getting me out of the house. I really needed the getaway and the laughter. I swear . . . . you, me . . . . separated at birth!!

Wendy :: I hope things are going well with the new house and the old house. I can't wait to see the new digs. Hugs!

July 28, 2008

hello monday

We spent the majority of our time together in pajamas. I feel tired and sore today. But that's not to say we haven't been unproductive. We've done laundry which included folding and putting away, not just throwing piles upon piles onto the couch downstairs. We've cleaned and organized. We played store with the kids which makes me want to buy this even more. We've rested and lounged around too. We've researched ob/gyn's online and I think I've narrowed it down to one I would like to meet. We've snacked on too many pistachios . . . . salt and pepper pistachios actually. Yum! We've craved diet coke but settled for some flavored water instead. We dreamt of a massage and a nap. We are looking forward to this makeover weekend including hair cut, color and facial. Delish! We've made notes and lists for Maui (only 15 days away!!!). And started working on Wonder Boy's favor bags and goodies. We are enjoying the quiet of letting Wonder Boy watch his favorite tv show, Drake and Josh, and loving that the girls are upstairs playing with their doll houses . . . . together. Yes, Monday, you have been lazy and slow.

:: Shout Outs ::

Julie :: Have a great time in California and Happy Birthday (8/6) friend!! xoxo

Kristen :: I hope you enjoyed your day July 24th. I was thinking about you!

Amy :: Call me when you get into town. I hope we can meet and catch up.

Karin :: Happy belated birthday wishes. I hope my card got to you in time all the way down under. Kisses to Mr. Quinn. One day I hope to meet him in person.

Gayle :: Your invite for dinner and a movie (and skipping WW) sounds absolutely fabulous!

Kelly :: Who loves ya baby!?!?!?! Keep texting, it brightens my day. Miss you much!! Smooches to Emma and Lily.

Emily :: I friggin' loved your post!!!! Naked Batmans are awesome! Think about you often.

Mom :: I here by ban you from adopting horses/mules/donkeys/dogs/cats/any other animals until you design an exit plan . . . . . pronto!! Love you!

Katie :: I hope all is well. Good luck on your move. xoxo

Lisa :: I can't wait to meet JellyBean!

Amanda/Erin/Darcie :: Thank You! I'm proud to call you friends.

J-Man :: I love you!

Maui :: I can not wait to meet you!!! I'm counting the days.

July 24, 2008

:: a note from camp ::

While browsing all things "camp" at Etsy, I came across On A Limb Paper. I adore her camp cards, as well as all her other cards, and asked if she could whip up some special as thank yous for Wonder Boy's birthday.

Today, they arrived and they are totally cute - even better in person!! I love them!!

* I altered WB's real name out. I'm sure you'll undrestand why.


The Divine Miss O had her very first official Tae Kwon Do class today. After two years of watching Wonder Boy take class, she decided she would like to try too. On Tuesday she tried a class and after it was over, she came out, running, announcing that she liked it. So we signed her up. She is doing really well so far.

having a sit-down

oh yeah, weight watchers

I am still going to Weight Watchers meetings. It's been 17 months. In October I was down 18 pounds, but as of today, I'm only down 9. However, since Baby Love's birth, I've lost a total of about 20 pounds. On one hand I feel like I shouldn't pay Weight Watchers any more of my money and quit, but on the other hand, I feel like if I don't keep going to the meetings I won't be able to keep myself in check and accountable. To my credit, I am a stress eater and during October to June, my life was pretty stressful. So creeping, slowly, up nine pounds is okay. I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

The meetings have been motivational and inspiring. As a whole, I've become more conscious of the foods I put in my mouth. I've become a better cook and meal planner. I'm proud that I'm able to make healthy meals for my family.

I've found my way to an exercise lifestyle that I love as well. I crave my hot yoga and pilates classes. And I was super excited to learn last night that one of the teachers is going to start a morning hot power yoga class on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the fall.

Lately I've been at a lull in weight loss and it's been slightly frustrating. Challenges I face and have been working on: as funny as it sounds as an overweight person, I do not eat enough. This summer I have been working on making sure I eat breakfast. I've stopped drinking pop. Drinking more water. And I've been bumping up my cardio. We'll see what happens . . .

July 20, 2008

:: happy summer ::

:: camp ::

Planning for the big camp out party is coming together. . . .

This afternoon I whipped up some camp shirts for Wonder Boy's seventh birthday. I think they turned out alright. They look really home-made which I sort of love. I imagine going to camp in the seventies, you would get a shirt that looked like this in a really obnoxious color. I wanted to get orange but Michael's didn't have orange. So yellow was my next pick.

I plan on making little badges to give out to the kids after activities. After we play relay races with sleeping bags, they'll all get a badge to put on their shirt with a sleeping bag on it. After we make maps or go on a scavenger hunt, they each get a badge with a map, etc. I hope it works out. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to make them yet. I'll let you know how it goes.

July 16, 2008

move over Johnny, there's a new boy in town

Yes, that's right, Mr. John Mayer. You have been replaced. You can go have your affair with Jennifer Aniston. Move along now. Step aside.

Hello Jason Mraz!!! I might have missed the boat a long time ago, but I'm aboard now and I am in love with this song. Swoon!! Makes me think of Maui with my honey.

famous last words

Wonder Boy :: "oh, my bad!"

The Divine Miss O :: "wait for it, wait for it, wait for it"

Baby Love :: "see you later, alligator"

July 15, 2008

get fit while you walk

Have you heard of fitflops? They are supposed to be magical flip flops that tone your legs, thighs and bottom while you walk. Well folks, it's true. I'm a sucker! This weekend I bought a pair, along with ten other women crowded around the little fitflop, hanger, display thingy with very sparse selection. All of us trying to politely get our size in the color we want before the others snatch it up. They are comfy, I can't complain there. J thinks they look a little weird. I bought a size up and I'm glad I did. Are my legs any toner? Is my butt any firmer? Who knows; it's only been a few days. I can say that my calves feel tired after I've worn them for a long time so maybe there is something to these.

:: charmer ::

Thanks for the picture Gayle!

July 14, 2008

el fuego

So, met the new neighbors yesterday. A couple. He works in computers. She is a kindergarten teacher. (Her mannerisms very much resembled my old college chum, Amy. Hi Amy!!) No children; just a small dog. They seem nice and friendly. Actually I was very much reminded of J and I about seven or eight years ago. In our first actual house, a couple dogs, a couple cats, no kids, working for the man, living life, chugging along. Their life seems so simple and sweet. Easy.

Coming off the heels of a birthday party and witnessing my little fuego haired boy run, jump, make obnoxious noises, be loud, and see the disdain in other party patrons faces. To hear comments made about "that little red head boy" when they don't realize he is my little red head boy. I observe Wonder Boy obsess over a classmate who acts like the very site of WB disgusts him. I watch from the sidelines as this boy does everything he can to oppose WB's affections. The look on his face is what kills me. (The look you get when you just throw up in your mouth and you swallow it back down, feeling the burn on the sides of your throat.) And it pains my heart to watch Wonder Boy try over and over again to win this boy's attention. I try and fail to redirect Wonder Boy's efforts to other kids playing alone. When I interject, I only make Wonder Boy more frustrated and his fragile line of confident and sensitive is blown to pieces in a flame of crying and fighting, struggling. Which, of course, only makes me overly frustrated and angry.

A few definitions of "FIRE" are: flashing light; luminous appearance, brilliance, burning passion; excitement or enthusiasm; ardor, liveliness of imagination. All of which describe my "el fuego" perfectly. Other less attractive definitions of thus same word are: severe trial or trouble; ordeal; exposure to fire as a means of torture or ordeal. The latter not as poetic as the first, but let's face it, describes Wonder Boy just as eloquently.

Add a five year old, overly dramatic, falsetto pitched, tutu wearing, twirling girl. Plus a two year old toddler who is into everything possessing the ability to empty the contents of your make-up drawer, smear saving cream all over your bathroom, unroll an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet, dump out the dog food bag, spray cleaning agents all over your kitchen floor and cabinets, draw on her legs with permanent marker and poop in her diaper in a two-minute time-frame. She's so quick in fact, she can do all that in the moment it takes you to wonder to yourself: "where is Baby Love?"

I'm always reminded of a tornado when my family of five roll in to visit people. We loudly blow in, destroy, disrupt, never stop moving, raise blood pressure, not allow you to finish a thought or a sentence, reprogram your computer, lock your freezer door, set alarms you don't know how to turn off, lose your keys, rearrange furniture, break at least two items and blow out as quickly as we blew in leaving people in a trail of windblown hair and thinking 'what the hell just happened here?'

Which brings me back to my new neighbors. Living their quiet life of routine and order with a perfectly, pampered pup. What we must look like to them. I think what J and my life would be like if we decided not to have kids. Sometimes I barely remember our couple-dom together even though it was only six years ago. Much has happened I suppose. I found myself lost in thought the other day, pondering what our existence would be like if we just had two girls or if we had stopped with WB. Would we be better parents? Would my house be cleaner? Would life be easier?

A family-friend, a family of seven, stopped by on the fourth of July, out of the blue, unexpected. They were driving through from their home town of Utah and decided to stop for a visit. It was great to see them. We stood in amazement of how our families have grown and gotten older, taller. Their five children all so well behaved and sweet. Mine being active, loud, fighting, crying. . . . . sigh.

My only hope for Wonder Boy is he'll continue to let his el fuego burn, not letting anyone extinguish his flame. For I know that fire is what will make him successful in life. As I'll continue to help him turn his efforts to people and things that are worth wild and helpful to him.

My only hope for The Divine Miss O is she'll use her dramatics and falsetto-flare to beat to her own drum always. As her liveliness is beautiful and awe-inspiring. I hope she draws from her brother's determination and burning passion as she helps him learn not to waste his efforts on futile experiences and beat his own drum as well.

My only hope for Baby Love is she'll use her determination and sense of humor to carve out a path of her own. No doubt she'll outwit and outplay to become an ubersmartscientist or ruler of the free world. Mark my words.

And finally, to answer my own questions . . . . . although life would be simpler and cleaner with a smaller family I'm sure, it would be less full-filled and exciting. It is Wonder Boy who challenges me everyday, bringing adventure. It is Miss O that colors my world with fanciful twirls and sweet embraces. And it is Baby Love who brings laughter, keeping me two steps ahead of the game. As exhausting and frustrating as it is, my hope for our family is we form a strong unit filled with crazy, messy love.

July 13, 2008

:: 30 days ::

until Maui!!

I'm just sayin'.

July 11, 2008

dog days of summer

With June over, July whizzing by and August around the corner it's hard to believe how fast summer is chugging along. Although it did take a while for our summer weather to arrive. I was watering the front yard when I realized what is summer, without running through the sprinkler which delighted Wonder Boy and Miss O to no end. Baby Love wanted nothing to do with it.

:: new design ::

Updated Wonder Boy birthday invites. I like the circles better with the camping paper.
The inside reads:
Put on your bug spray and don't be late.
It's "Wonder Boy's" 7th birthday, let's celebrate!
We'll roast marshmallows and
drink some brew* -
It won't be the same without you!
*no not real brew (as in beer) but root beer

July 10, 2008

favorite things :: summer time

:: blue skies, fluffy clouds ::

:: humming bird feeders ::

:: bar-be-qued pineapple, teriyaki chicken ::

:: outdoor picnics ::

:: bare toes in the grass ::

:: no coats, tank tops ::

:: curls and wee barrettes ::

:: big beared noses ::


Baby Love waiting for her beloved "blankie". After she asked where it was, I found her at the washing machine talking to her blankie going around and around.

July 8, 2008

design mode

With July quickly whizzing by and a very important August birthday coming up, I have been in birthday planning, invite design mode. We decided to have an evening, faux camp out for Wonder Boy's seventh birthday. And even more fun, since it's summer time, we are celebrating on his actual birthday. We are going to pitch a tent in the backyard, cook up some camping food, tell ghost stories with flashlights, and end the evening with s'mores of course.
Another important birthday is fast approaching as well. A's widdle baby is turning one so I'm helping her put together a cute lady bug invite. I think they turned out just snazzy!!

July 7, 2008


Have you seen CoolMom?? Check it out. Seriously!!

big bun-bun

Baby Love LOVES "bun-bun" and I do too.
You can find your very own snuggle bunny over at Auntie Jill's.

July 6, 2008


For the first time, I used Federic Fekkai hair products and I must say, I'm in love. I bought the glossing shampoo, conditioner, cream and spray; all made with olive oil extract. The smell is yummy. My hair is soft and shiny.

I took a picture of myself (gag!!) and I decided I need a hair cut, STAT!!

I'm hoping to go in this direction. Thin out the weight and heaviness, making the frizz and curly q's more manageable. I'm thinking about going with some side-swept bangs. I haven't had bangs since college and I'm scared. But I need a change in a big way.

What do you think? Something like this perhaps?


P.S. that's our new shower in the back ground. We have been showering in our own bathroom for about a week now. It's been heavenly. J is finishing up the last little details, I'll post some pictures of the finished job soon. My hubby is very handy and I love him so.