January 29, 2009

grace in small things: part 14 of 365

1. BubbleYum Bubblegum

2. the Elliptical

3. Strawberry Shortcake

4. Target's dollar bins

5. JET

January 27, 2009

grace in small things: part 13 of 365

1. quiet

2. Facebook (and finding long lost friends)

3. the seaside

4. Olivia

5. snow melts

January 26, 2009

grace in small things: part 12 of 365

1. Ingrid Michaelson (Be Ok)

2. Hot Pockets (egg/bacon/cheese)

3. Sun-shiney days

4. Crazy (20 mph sign holding) lady on school corner

5. Friends who catch me staring at said crazy lady

January 25, 2009

for sale

We finally listed our house for sale on Friday. It's been a whirlwind of cleaning and de-cluttering for weeks now. Our lovely agent had a stager visit us last week. In which I basically followed her around house from room to room making mental notes of assignments for picture placements and adding to my accessories shopping list. Then a photographer came through the next day snapping pictures of our home looking as good as it ever has. And let me tell you, it's never looked this good the entire six-ish years we've lived here. Why is it you don't truly feel moved into your house until you get ready to sell it??

grace in small things: part 11 of 365

1. food on a stick

2. freshly laundered sheets

3. a clean, clutter-free home

4. a cleaning hubster

5. self dressing toddlers

January 22, 2009

grace in small things: part 10 of 365

1. driving car in complete silence

2. shopping without kids

3. green stop lights

4. clearance sales

5. stores that are open late

January 20, 2009

grace in small things: part 9 of 365

1. new president

2. cold side of pillows

3. clean fridge

4. milk deliveries

5. whites being washed with bleach

subliminal message

Can you see it?

What about now??


How about now?


We found a house we like after many, many, many months (maybe even years) of looking and waiting. We had been on the fence about actually trying to sell our house and move ever since the housing market went south.
Then a couple weeks ago we saw a house, that we'd seen before, but now it was better. It meets most of our criteria. Not all, but most. So we decided to finally do it.
I've been packing and cleaning and donating and throwing like a mad woman. From morning until I fall dead on the couch, I run around getting ready to list our house for sale. Truthfully, I'm a little sad. We've put so much sweat equity into this house that I hated at first, but grew to love and am now feeling sentimental about. We remolded, stripped wallpaper, painted, decorated and grew our family here. Although I am excited about the blank slate a new house presents me with, I must admit I wish I could somehow hang onto this house as well.
We have a stager coming tomorrow and I'm nervous but excited. Then a photographer comes on Thursday with our realtor. She'll also bring listing papers and then it will become all too real. We go "LIVE" on Friday. And we will officially be up for sale. In which I'll wake up in a panic every morning probably yelling about picking up dirty clothes, making beds, flushing toilets and not leaving toothpaste in the sink. I'm sure I'll be a joy to live with!

January 19, 2009

grace in small things: part 8 of 365

1. etsy

2. clean laundry

3. diet coke

4. sales on things I need

5. teapots

January 18, 2009

grace in small things: part 7 of 365

1. brand new socks

2. spa goodies

3. Scottie dog noses/beards

4. laughter

5. sunshine

January 17, 2009

grace in small things: part 6 of 365

1. Saturdays in jammies

2. purging and donating to the Goodwill

3. seven year old boys in Cub Scouts uniforms

4. the power of sticker charts

5. Spanish counting toddlers (who says Dora isn't educational?!)

January 16, 2009

grace in small things: part 5 of 365

1. the return of Nie

2. new grocery stores

3. yogurt in tubes

4. possibilities of a new home with space for all of us

5. a five year old with brand-new glasses

January 15, 2009


Sarah Jane

grace in small things: part 4 of 365

1. baseball caps

2. bookstores

3. Wondertime magazine

4. carwashes with vacuum cleaners

5. glitter glue

January 14, 2009

new blog loves

Simple Lovely :: Light and bright, but oh so warm and charming.

Skip to my Lou :: I think I've mentioned my love affair before. Excellent ideas and crafts.

Tip Junkie :: I love tips!!! Who doesn't?!

The Secret is in the Sauce :: Saucy!!

today's Creative blog :: Speaks to my soul.

coolmompicks :: Cool and mom in one word ... what's there more to say.

grace in small things: part 3 or 365

1. bounce dryer sheets: fresh linen scent

2. American Idol season 8

3. home brewed coffee by husband

4. new trash can

5. Lucky Charms

January 13, 2009

congratulations are in order

Remember this birthday cake?
I hosted an Asian themed second birthday party for our residing petite artiste last March. I searched high and low at every Asian bakery this side of Seattle for a panda cake. The best they could provide me with was Winnie the Pooh which made no sense to me what-so-ever. The party I was planning was a small affair and I didn't want to order a gigantic Costco cake. I wanted something small and cute and relevant to the theme. Exhausted, I then remembered my friend, Kristen, and her awesome cake decorating talents. I've been witness to some pretty spectacular birthday cakes of her making over the years. So I took a chance and shot her an email asking her if she would be willing to humor me in my cake decorating plight. She agreed. I told her I just wanted something cute, that looked like a panda. And this fabulously perfect cake was what I got in return.
Kristen put in a surprise phone call to me this morning informing me that she entered this panda cake into a contest and won second place. The win also came along with two hundred buck-a-roos and a showcase in the March/April edition of Simple & Delicious Magazine. How cool is that?! Congratulations Kristen!!

grace in small things: part 2 of 365

1. Surprise phone calls from old friends

2. Carmex

3. new blog loves

4. Valentine decorations

5. Lost premiere January 21st

January 12, 2009

January 10, 2009

and so it begins

With this card, I do pledge, a berry happy birthday to Baby Love. Who will turn three years old on March 2nd with a Strawberry Shortcake celebration like no other. And, since at the ripe old age of three can no longer be referred to as a "baby" we might just have to acquire a new pet name for the soon-to-be preschooler. One rumbling around my head lately is

... drum roll please ...

Petite Artiste!!!


Why? You ask.

Because the girl draws on anything and everything. No wall, piece of furniture or body part is safe when she is wielding a marking utensil. Nothing I tell you; nothing is safe!!

spectacled children

Yesterday was Wonder Boy and The Divine Miss O's eye appointments with our local children's optometrist. Good news, Wonder Boy's eye sight is getting better and his prescription changed. He was diagnosed with Strabismus (not to be confused with lazy eye or amblyopia) two years ago. With the help of glasses, we've slowly started to correct his vision. Does that mean he will grow out of this and some day not need to wear glasses? We don't know. With his new prescription and his current frames becoming too small for his face, he picked out himself a new pair. They are very square with silver and red stripes on the side. I'm a tad nervous about his choice but they were kind of cool. I'm eager to get them back to examine his new look. It will probably take some getting used to.

Last year when Miss O had her first eye exam we became aware of a slight stigmatism in her right eye. Nothing to worry about at the time, but instructed to be aware of it. As expected, the stigmatism became worse and she was given a prescription to her squealing delight. All she cared about was her ability to get PINK glasses with a PINK case. She was also prescribed patch therapy. She has to cover up her "good" eye for four hours a day. The thought of covering up one of her eyes for a good chunk of her day didn't really bother her much. All she was worried about was if her patch would be PINK of course. So she picked out a pair of pink frames with a pink case and pink eye patch. She'll be the best pink pirate princess you've ever seen!!

We get to pick up the new glasses in about 10 days and I'll be sure to take pictures. I would have taken pictures yesterday but I was too busy derailing my three busy little people from the many candy bowls and cookie trays. Why do these places torture me so???

January 8, 2009

little red heads unite

My sister-in-law turned me onto the awesome little RED HEADS across America website via coolmompicks. As soon as I click in, I was hooked and very much related to her story of having a ginger haired son. I ordered the book yesterday and on a whim, I sent the author/creator an email. To my surprise, she wrote back and asked me to share my feedback. How fab is that?! Once in a while you do encounter great people, unlike the woman who bulldozed her way over-sized car in front of me and then slammed on her brakes this morning.

When I pregnant with Wonder Boy, we knew very little about this human growing inside my tummy aside from he was a boy. We speculated what he would look like and assumed he would have dark hair because Daddy's hair is so dark. As a small child, I was anointed "Little Irish" from my great grandfather because of my copper colored locks. My father having strawberry blond/Auburn hair himself (and his father as well) it was always assumed my hair color was passed down from him. However, having not paid much attention to the biology of genes from high school lab, we just thought dark hair was dominate and therefor our children would have dark hair. Then Wonder Boy was born, a week late, with a fluorescent glow crowning his round head the likes we'd never expected.

In his seven years of life we've grown accustom to his orange top and his porcelain skin, but it is not unusual to be out in public and be asked about his coloring or told stories of great grandfathers or sisters or mothers or second cousins once removed and their red hair. We've learned to politely listen and carry on. If I had a dollar every time I was asked "where did he get that red hair?", I would be a rich woman today. I'm not even kidding. Since we just really didn't know how or why Wonder Boy's hair was so red, we started making up little antidotes to tell people when faced with the ever present question. It is true I craved and ate baby carrots by the bag fulls when pregnant with our son. So we fed Wonder Boy the line "my mom ate a lot of carrots" when grandmotherly types and retail associates asked him about his hair color. It is amazing how many awkward situations you can avoid with a laugh. Because, truthfully, those strangers don't really care exactly where Wonder Boy's hair color came from they just want to make note of it.

Then I read the red hair facts on Nicole's website and how red hair is a recessive trait meaning it has to come from both the mother and the father. We knew J's aunt has ginger coloring plus my father, grandfather and myself made for a cocktail that is Wonder Boy. There are many names for those with red hair. Copper top, ginger, carrot top, red, etc. We suffice to call our red head, El Fuego.

Side Note: For those who know me and are wondering...I do love the blond foils!!

it's the small things

After months of talk and living without a trash can (long story), I finally did it. I ordered a really cool, retro garbage can. I can't wait to receive it so I can fill it up. I'm hoping the coolness will help inspire my children to throw their trash away as well as keep the dogs out of it too. If we have to reside in this house for another year, we might as well make it look good.

January 5, 2009

looks like we made it

Howdy Ho Monday!!! We made it. After four extra days tacked onto the already overly-prolonged winter break, I was starting to become a bit agitated seeing the three inches of snow drop down on my lawn last night. But in true Washington style, the good ole rain swooped in to save the day and washed the snow away. As magical as it was to have a white Christmas in I don't know how many years, I was more than a little ready to see it melt away. Wonder Boy's school was on time. However, Miss O's school was two hours late. So we had some schedule adjusting to contend with. In the end, it all worked out much to my cabin fever relief. Baby Love and I made it to Target today. Yahoo!! I've been scouring stores for Strawberry Shortcake goodies. The retail gods have been looking out for me because as soon as I decided on Baby Love's third birthday theme, Strawberry Shortcake goodness was delivered in the way of dollar bins. Perfect timing!! Speaking of birthdays...with March, June and August special days on their way and Strawberry Shortcake, Princess and Star Wars themes requested, I am in full party planning mode.

Also found at Target?? My favorite yoga pants on sale!!! I bought two!

Shout outs:

Amy: I'm having a blast blogging with you...great idea friend!

Emily and Stephanie: Thanks for being such good pals.

Wendy: Glad things are good...I'll give a ring later baby.

Erin: Welcome back!!

Julie: See ya tomorrow!

Mom: I love you.

January 4, 2009

love at first vroom

My adorable husband gifted me with a dyson animal DC14 Christmas morning. Now before some of you gasp in horror and wonder why he didn't go to Jared and lavish me with adornment, I had actually hinted I wanted one. It helped that they were on sale at Costco early in the season and our old vacuum was on it's last wheel, plus the cost of bags for the sucker was getting ridiculous!! Ever since the holiday I have been vacuuming every floor in site. A friend once said of dyson, "if you have pets and kids, you owe to yourself to have one". I didn't buy much stock into her statement at the time but I am a true believer now. It is amazing!!

I also received a pair of Uggs and I haven't taken them off my feet since. I love them!!!

January 3, 2009

do what you gotta do

This morning I read a post from a favorite blog that really made me think ... about myself. I've had some feelings mulling around my head from a "happening" for a few months now. I often try to just push negative feelings down and forget about it, thinking to myself it's not important nor worth the time and energy I'm wasting thinking about it. Which is true. However, when I least except it, those feelings of hurt and anger bubble up to the surface and I relive the situation all over again. I tend to be over sensitive and over analyze things. This is both a fault and a positive trait of mine. I care about how my actions affect those around me. However, I seem to always be in hyper-sensitivity-mode when around others. This is a fault because I let things bother me or I worry about things I've done and how it affects others too darn much which causes horrible self talk and depression.

I often think of life like the ebb and flow of the ocean's tide. The vast sea being your safe haven and the beach being the world and people that affect and changes you. You float in and out, to and from the beach touching and being ultimately changed. Your approach is always different. Sometimes you come in hard and fast in happiness or in anger. Sometimes depending on how your last entry was perceived, you come in slow and cautious. And sometimes you don't come in at all. Every re-entry is a new experience and every exit forever changes your course in life.

Every person you come into contact with has a lasting effect on how you move through your life. I've had many life altering experiences some for the better and some for the worse. I most likely will never have a babysitter or send my children to child care based solely on a horrible moment in my childhood. It's always in the back of mind and it affects everything I do. I hate it!! On the complete opposite side of the barometer, my life has been altered for the better. Like my fifth grade teacher forever solidified my career choice. However, the ebb and flow of life has caused me to change my focus and direction.

So when I received a negative email about a gift (one of many, many, many, many gifts), I was ultimately hurt and oh so very angry. So hurt and angry, in fact, that months afterwards I still think about it from time to time. Through the course of growing up, loss of a parent, divorces, blending of step families, going to college, getting married, buying houses, moving, losing friends, gaining friends, and having children all I've ever tried to do is gain happiness in my life. I try my hardest to make lasting memories and special occasions for my children. Every birthday is an event to the best of my ability. Clothes are the cutest I can afford. Bedrooms are decorated as magical and as imaginative as I can muster. Memories, big or small, are as great as I can possibly create. And then, for a fun and creative outlet, I discovered blogging. I like to share the things I've done or made or created. And, if you so desire, can take something away and create that for happiness in your life too. In no way, did I think the things I've shared would be used against me. Once again my ebb and flow is affected. I came crashing into the beach hard and fast and then fell back to the sea for a reprieve. Gaining peace and perspective.

I have a hard time making new year resolutions. My belief is making grand goals and not accomplishing them only makes for big disappointment and feelings of failure. Which as we all know leads to negative self talk and depression. It's a vicious cycle! For some reason, 2009 feels like a new beginning to me. I'm starting this year out with a fresh outlook. I want to be prepared. I want to be organized. I want to weed through the junk and get rid of it. I want to be healthy and most of all happy. And, if I were to make any resolutions, it would be to not allow others change my course of well being. I'm going to do what I've got to do to make me happy. And if you don't like it, you can suck it!

January 1, 2009

greetings from a toddler

happy 2009

This morning we started our new year out with toasts and waffles.


M'm M'm, bacon!!
Can we eat yet?
And no new year is complete without a "SUPER GIRL"
Happy New Year!!