October 31, 2009


Fearsome Threesome!
aka Fancy Nancy, ghost and a secret agent
double o eight (tee hee)
Fancy Nancy being scared by the little ghost.

Fancy Nancy

And a wee ghost.

October 28, 2009

it's pumpkin time

feeling like home

I woke up this morning with the our new home semi-organized and I felt like we were home. Oh sure, there are things we need to work the kinks out of but I'm happy we took on this stressful journey and made the transition.

October 23, 2009

we did it...

Well folks! We finally made it to the new house. It's been quite a journey. We are still trying to get settled into our new digs. We've been swimming in a sea of boxes and dealing with a leaky shower and a temperamental furnace. I'm trying to get my wits about me while I set up shop and get organized. I will get back to posting pictures and blabbering on very soon.

October 12, 2009

preschool pumpkin patch

Petite Artiste and I joined her preschool class this morning for a field trip to the pumpkin patch. It was so extremely cold. I happened to have a hat and a pair of gloves in the car. I wore the gloves and Petite Artiste wore the hat. We picked grapes off the vine, scouted out a fabulous pumpkin, toured the farm, examined vegetables, got lost in the hay maze, checked out the turkey and pigs and had lunch too. Then we ran for the car and cranked up the heat to defrost.

October 11, 2009

my favorite holiday

El Fuego requested to be a secret agent for Halloween this year. (Pssst: it's also his party theme for his ninth birthday) I went on a hunt for a suit and while browsing a consignment shop, this little tux jumped out at me. I bought it and brought it home. El Fuego was slightly confused. He asked where his tools go and why didn't he have a ski mask. I responded by asking him if he had ever heard of the coolest secret agent James Bond who had the coolest of coolest tools and gadgets all the while looking suave. An agent so cool, in fact, that he is referred to by three numbers only. He is pondering the situation and I'm trying to figure out a few gadgets to stuff into his pockets to finish this costume off.
Miss Divine is going to wear her Fancy Nancy dress from her sixth birthday party. I picked up a red wig and we will go all out making it look fancy and divine.
The funny thing about packing a house up is you find all the stuff you forgot about. Like this cute cheerleader costume or the handmade kitty costume I made for Miss Divine about four years ago.

October 9, 2009

10 months

In five days we will be moved into our new abode and the last 10 months will be behind us finally. I can hardly believe it. This roller coaster ride has come to a halt smack damp in the middle of my chest. I think there is some truth to stress making you sick....or that this said roller coaster ride of selling a home and finding a new house to make your own is so stressful, when it's finally over and things relax, your body shuts down and you get sick. Well, whatever the case may be, when things felt like it was all going to be OK, I got sick. The worse head/chest cold I've had in a long time. I'm still coughing. I can't breath, talk or laugh without coughing a lung up. It's the kind of cough that make people stare at you. They stare so hard that I feel like I need to wear a sign that reads "I do not have the swine flu!"

We are in the midst of packing. It's amazing the stuff you find when you are digging into nooks and crannies. I found two adorable Halloween costumes for Petite Artiste although she says she still wants to be a ghost.

It's a weird feeling to put the last seven years into boxes actually. I have a love/hate relationship with this house. When we moved here, we were in the middle of many changes and I hated this house to it's very last bit of foundation. It is small and didn't have adequate storage. There was the ugliest wallpaper in every bathroom and bedroom. Being newly pregnant, constantly sick and having a very active 15 month son running around didn't help jump start my love affair. But slowly and surely, we made this house our home. We created warmth and love throughout the rooms. Taking down the wallpaper helped too. Three kids, several animals, many birthdays, a bout of cancer and a handful of holidays later, I can honestly say that this is a great house with lots of charm and character. I will miss the unique floor plan and the great backyard and it's location perched on top of the hill.

With that said, I am looking forward to our new adventure. I am of a more stable mindset this go around. Although this new house won't be our home the minute we set our boxes down, I am looking forward to making it so.

October 3, 2009


Are you scared?? Well, I was when I read we only have 12 weeks until Christmas. Yes, I just wrote the word Christmas in October. Holy smokes!! Halloween hasn't even arrived but seeing {simplemom} write about the pending deadline around the corner, my head was flooded with the upcoming holiday.

This year will be different for us. We've celebrated the holidays in our current house for the last seven years. Decorating and enjoying our traditions in new surroundings will be a new experience for us all. The very thought of the new-ness we are about to embark on is still odd for me. It's hard to wrap my brain around us actually moving after 10 months of sitting on the housing market.

I am eager to have this all behind us however. I'm looking forward to being in our new house and setting up shop. I love to decorate kid bedrooms and this time around I'll have three. The girls' bedrooms are already planned out. I'm still thinking about El Fuego's new set up. I feel the need to give him something more grown up this time around.

Anyway, back to Christmas....12 weeks people!!! 12 weeks!

feeling domestic?

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grandma's dogs




the farm

The kids didn't have school yesterday so we took a day trip out to my parents' farm. As usual everyone scattered to their favorite things and had a very busy day. El Fuego spent much of his time in Grandpa's shop building skyscrapers and designing airplanes. And, when he wasn't busy erecting the next best thing, he was helping Grandpa fix the lights on the truck and horse trailer and playing in the hole made for the new bridge being built in one of the fields.

Miss Divine was found with the horses. She brushed and fed the ponies and did a few barn chores like moving the cat, chasing the cat, playing in the hay, and then moving the cat again. She also announced she didn't want to get "dirty" which is a pretty funny statement to make when you are the farm.

Petite Artiste helped Grandpa trim the mini's feet. She used her hoof pick to poke holes and hammer the wheelbarrows. She says is learning how to trim hooves so when she is older she can do what Grandma does. She also enjoyed sitting on the donkeys until the donkeys moved, then she wanted off right away.