May 31, 2007

Handmade Love

J made this picnic table for the kids last weekend. It's very cute and the kids love it.

Wonder Boy (5.75 years), The Divine Miss O (almost 4 years)

and Baby Love (15 months this Saturday)

The carpenter himself and he's taking orders!!

May 30, 2007


I've been desperately trying to post a little something-something of my ginger-haired boy and my computer has been causing me much angst over it. Grrrr! I've come to the conclusion that I need a new, faster, smarter computer to replace this one. My plan: the kids have an older computer with a gigantic monitor that barely fits on my little childhood desk. I'd been wanting to replace it with a new fancy, dancy thin monitor. Today I realized, why not get myself a new, faster, smarter computer and give this laptop to the kids. I know Wonder Boy would love it and it would fit on the little desk with plenty of room to spare. Voila!! Now I just have to talk the hubby into agreeing with me. Hee hee!!

I went to Weight Watchers last night and up a tiny bit again. Bugger!! Only .8 but still I feel crappy about it. But I'm not going to quit!! I've made up my mind. I have lost 14 pounds and my clothes are fitting better so I should be proud of that. I decided to "Face it!", "Own it!" and "Move On!!" Today is a new day.

The weather today in the greater Seattle area is hot!! By the time I picked Wonder Boy up at school I heard it was already 80 degrees. Yowsa!! I do love the sunshine, it perks my mood up. But oh how I hate the hot heat. I'm hoping future weight loss will help with that.

I got a very sweet, unexpected, note from a gal named Erinn from the happy living blog which made my day a little brighter. I had found her blog via surfing other bloggers a few months back (when I first started myself) and I loved it!!Of course, I had to add her to my favorite reads and her blog has been quietly sitting in my designer blogroll so that I can check in on it here and there. To my surprise, she found me and left a comment a couple weeks back and I just found it today. What a surprise!! I love it when things like that happen.

Before I sign off and try to figure out why my email is taking two years to send, I want to shout out a little "hi" to my lovely and kind friend WHW. I've been thinking about you! xoxox

And with that, I say ciao for now!

May 28, 2007

Boho Chic

The Divine Miss O hammin' it up!

May 27, 2007

Just Beachy!

My beautiful family!
We spent yesterday afternoon/evening at the beach in Edmonds eating dinner and searching for beach treasures and special finds including a jelly fish.

May 25, 2007

What did I just say?

Okay, so I said it. It flew right out of my mouth before I could catch myself. It was like I walked right out of a Montessori school in my tye-dye tank top and hemp pants while I rested my hands on bended knees to look my daughter square in the eyes and said "Use Your Words" in response to her lack of doing so. Instead she was making that high-pitched whiny sound that was like running my finger nails down a chalk board for the umpteenth time. Shivers! Those three little words I thought I would never say. I don't know why. For some reason hearing parents say that always sounded odd to me. Too new aged. Too psychological mumble jumble. Too by the book. Howerver, nobody blinked an eye at my screeching daughter or seemed to take notice of my little Dr. Spock slip-of-thy-tongue. Phew! Rest assured, I'll go back to my usual and more effective "gitrdone" response in the future. "Hey, stop whining!"

Weigh In: week #17

Pounds Lost: gained .6
Today Loss: 13.6
Diet: weight watchers
Workout: walking

As lovely leader Pat from Weight Watchers says "That's nothing! That's a glass of water!" I gained a little on Tuesday. Blah!! We started a summer challenge and I'm hoping to lose 15 pounds by Labor Day. I'm going to do my best at planning meals, drinking more water, walking two to three times a week and getting down to Curves on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before J goes to work.

This week has been a little on the crazy side. Lots of activities and things going on. I'm so glad it's the weekend and a three day weekend at that.

May 24, 2007

Weird Vibrations

I feel weird today. Last night was The Divine Miss O's school parent information night and tonight is Wonder Boy's Spring Songfest. It was about this time last year that we were just recovering from having a newborn baby and the news of J having testicular cancer all at once. He had just had surgery and things weren't going well.

Last night as I sat and listened to all things preschool, I couldn't help but let my mind wonder to how this very night one year ago I had just dropped J off at the hospital, my in-laws were driving up to help after I called them in a panic, so I could attend this mandatory meeting. I was nursing and hormonal and freaked out inside, all the while trying to hold it together and just get through it without anyone really knowing.

We missed Wonder Boy's Spring Songfest last year. J was still in the hospital with a nasty infection from surgery and life felt too crazy for me to try to suck it up and attend the event. I'm going to send J and Wonder Boy by themselves tonight while I put the girls to bed. I think I need some peace and quiet to relax and chill. Although life is not as crazy as it was a year ago, I still feel odd. Maybe a little emotional. J has his one year appointments and CT scans soon. I will feel better when we know the results.

May 23, 2007

New Loves

I'm lovin' Maroon 5!! My new favorite band at the moment. I can't wait to watch LOST tonight. Along with Heroes, it is my favorite show. I'll be sad this summer when all the shows I love are gone. But there's always Wife Swap to look forward to.

A couple cool new healthy blogs I've discovered via word of mouth: Girl on a Diet and Roni's Weight Watchen. Both are inspirational and fun to read. Although I'm up .6 at weigh in last night, overall, I've lost 14 pounds. When I put on pants this morning and felt that they weren't as tight. Good feeling!! As my Weight Watchers leader says "We're getting into real numbers now!" We are starting a summer challenge next week. We are supposed to set a goal for ourselves and the dead line is Labor Day. I think my goal will be 15 pounds which would basically put me down 30 pounds by the end of summer. Wish me luck!!

The Divine Miss O is going to her same preschool next year but three days instead of two. The school's parent meeting is tonight. It is the best little school and sometimes I feel like it was built just for Miss O because she really does belong there. We will miss it when it's time for her to move on.

I'm happy to report Baby Love is feeling much better. She pooped finally! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Oh the joys of parenting. She had her PT appt yesterday morning and she is coming along quite nicely. I'm eager for her to start walking . . . . . . . wait? Did I just say that?!?!?

May 21, 2007

new duds for summer

My poor, sweet Baby Love hasn't been feeling all that great these last few days. She's been teething, developed a weird heat rash thing and hasn't been eating much, plus the lack of peeing or pooping has been worrisome. I took her to the doctor this morning but of course I got the usual "must be viral and we don't prescribed treatment for anything viral" which is another way of saying "I have no friggin' clue what is wrong, go away, wait it out, and if she gets worse, call back." However, on a good note, she has eaten more today, attempted to poop, the rash seems to be going away (or getting better) and she is in better spirits. I chalk this one up to those bugger teeth all trying to push their way out at the same damn time.

With the weather getting nicer and the few warmer nights we were teased with recently, we realized we didn't really have any summer jammies for little miss Baby Love. Add warm nights with a slight fever she was running plus fuzzy, winter jammies and presto . . . . a prickly heat rash. I found some cute summer jammies for her to wear today just in time for the down pour of rain we are getting. My timing never seems to be right! On my quest for summer jammies for the wee one, I also found some pj bottoms and boxers for Wonder Boy. I cleaned out his jammie drawer this afternoon and took out all his too small, cute printed jammies from Costco and will soon be replacing those with his new big boy pjs. It was at that moment, that very moment . . . . the moment of taking out, folding up, and packing away those little boy, printed dinosaur jammies that I realized my little boy is getting to be so big. He'll be turning six very soon, wearing real pajamas to bed, pees standing up, brushes his own teeth, reads, going to full day kindergarten in the fall . . . . . . . . he is turning into a real life, bona-fide big boy! Wow! It's true! Life can really slip by you in a blink of an eye and kids really do grow up so fast if you don't pay attention.

May 20, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend has been a mixed bag of everything. We started out with a Mariner game Friday night with some of Wonder Boy's T-ball team mates and their families. It was fun to see Wonder Boy chat with his friends. He is at a fun age and his interactions with other kids his age are hilarious to watch. Baby Love flirted with the half-drunk people behind us all night and The Divine Miss O fell asleep by the third inning. A girl needs her beauty sleep ya know!

Saturday the boys went out to their second to last T-ball game. I missed my Saturday morning training because their game was earlier than usual. The Divine Miss O and I went grocery shopping - woohoo!!! Good times! I spent the evening with a couple of lovely ladies in Bellevue trying to find a place to eat and do a little shopping. I tried some 40 dollar lipstick and I couldn't stop thinking about it. But 40 bucks for lipstick - really? We had no idea that last night was prom night for the local high school kiddies, so trying to get a spot to sit down and eat was almost impossible. We did however end up a very yummy pizza joint. I had dreams about the heavenly pizza. So good!!

I woke up this morning, Sunday, and headed out for a Mother's Day brunch a week late. It was very relaxing and the food was delish. Afterwards I walked over the stamp store and picked out a few supplies for Wonder Boy's birthday party invites. Oh, how I love a good party theme. It makes me happy!! I spent this afternoon dropping off Amish Friendship Bread starters while my bread was cooking. I came home to the sweet smell of cinnamon. M'm M'm!! It is so good.

It just dawned on me, with all this food I've consumed this weekend, I'm sure my weight will be up on Tuesday. Bugger!! I'll just have to clear my mind and do what the author of The Secret says to do . . . . . . ahhhhh, the power of positive thinking. Hee hee!!

Have a rocking week my friends!!

May 18, 2007

Weigh In: week #16

Pounds Lost: .2 (not much, but I'll take it)
Total Loss: 14.2
Diet: weight watchers
Workout: walking (5k training)

My official weigh ins at Weight Watchers are on Tuesday nights. Last week was really good. We did our third 5k in Seattle with NikeTown. Even after starting dead last (because they couldn't find my number) we managed to work our way through the crowd and finish in 50 minutes, 47 seconds. We all got coupons in our goodie bags so the team and I went up to NikeTown really quick to scope things out. I was very much surprised when I thought I was purchasing a size XL pair of pants but found out they were actually a size L. I felt like jumping up and down and giving the clerk a great big kiss. I couldn't believe I had tried on a pair of smaller pants without realizing it and they fit! Awesome!! I was on a high for much of the week because of it.

The kids and I walked down to the library this week instead of driving. When I say we walked down, I really mean we walked D.O.W.N. There are about three rather steep hills that we had to walk back up on the way home. The kids only complained a little bit and were very happy to sit down after getting back home and looking at their new books. Bliss!

May 17, 2007

I got needs. . .

7:30pm, kids in bed, hubby not home, saw this on some other blogs and tried it out. The set up: go to and type in your first name plus the word "needs" and see what pops up. Here's my top list of seven. Funny!

1. another miracle (another miracle? I'd settle for the first one . . . soon thanks!)
2. a drink (or maybe three, it's been a tough afternoon!)
3. to wear shirts (yes, I'd say so!)
4. to go to bed (you aren't kidding!)
5. a google good time (sounds fun, I'm in!)
6. volunteers (for cleaning and organizing and minding kids would be super!)
7. a new hobby (I do?)

Top TV Five

2. Grey's Anatomy
3. American Idol
4. Survivor
5. Heroes

May 16, 2007

Why do families hurt?

I've been thinking a lot lately . . . . randomly . . . . . things will pop in my head that I mull over for a bit but usually get distracted by something kid centered, and forget what I was thinking about. The other night, this questioned popped into my mind out of the blue, just like that, and I couldn't let it go. I felt like I had to write it down to sort of purge it out me in a sense . . . . . make myself feel better. Why do families hurt? Why is it so hard for family members to accept each other just the way they are, revel in their unique-ness, and love them for who they are?

Growing up was a quick journey for me. Things like divorce, a working/young/going to school mother, an absent father, invasion of childhood privacy and step families threw me into a world where I was force to take care of myself at a young age. It taught me to be overly cautious and protective of myself and what I held dear. As a tween, I was living with my mom and step-dad, his part time kids and an evil ex-wife that made life miserable for everyone involved, all the while going through painful puberty, horrible jr high experiences and hating everything about myself. Add that with a father that ran from responsibility, pick drugs over his daughter every single time and left me wondering what I did to make him not love me.

I'm sometimes jealous of my husband's childhood. His parents are still together and he grew up in one house (where his parents still live to this day). His childhood was secure enough for him to feel free to go out and live life, learn from his mistakes. He spent his days hanging out with friends, going to rock concerts, throwing parties, fighting with his siblings, living life as an immature teenager trying to figure the world out. I spent my days walking home from school to an empty house and watching TV for hours. (I think this is also the root of my eating habits and weight issues. When I get bored, usually between 3 and 5, I will find myself in the kitchen opening cupboards and pondering over things in the pantry. Not good. I just had an Oprah "aha!" moment.)

I'm very, very protective of my feelings never to be too careful about possible bruising. Growing up as I did caused for a lot of bruising. Therefore, I'm overly protective of myself as an adult. This makes it hard for me to open up whole heartily to people. But if they stick around long enough, I do, and those people are like family to me. I have several wonderful friends . . . . the kind of friends I want to climb up to the tallest building and scream at the top of lungs how much I love them . . . . . true friends. Friends that laugh at my jokes and listen to my thoughts without judgement.

Sometimes, in quiet moments, I let my mind and my heart drift to the family members I don't have and I wonder "what if" and "why is that so painful" and "why is that so hard". It's hard not to wonder. There are times, I think about what I would say if I saw my father. Would I tell him how angry I have been at him all my life or would I say thank you for showing me what kind of person I never wanted to be? Or would I simply just ask him why he didn't protect me?

In the end, I come back to the family I do have. I'm so grateful to have my mom and RTW and my wonderful husband and my darling children. They fill my heart with love and acceptance. I guess, in a way, that is what we all strive for. Acceptance. Some more than others I suppose. Me, more than most.

May 15, 2007

Thankful Tuesday

Today I'm thankful for sunshine, flip flops, quiet/playing children, fresh air, open windows, mellow music, and the promise of summer and happy memories to come! Have a wonderful day my friends. There's much to be grateful for.

May 14, 2007

Trying to lose Buhda!

I was surfing around and came across a very cool blog, Mom O Matic. She started a fun way to lose weight (with friends) called Future MILF. Basically, everyone who is a member posts weekly weigh ins on Fridays and writes a little blurb on how the week went. I find this very inspiring and since I am on a quest of my own to loss my personal buhda belly I joined in the efforts. Since my official weight watchers weigh in nights are Tuesday, I will just post my results on Friday.

So to get things rolling (to date)

Pounds lost: 1.8
Total loss: 14
Diet: weight watchers
Workout: walking (5k training)

This week has been good so far although I'm not sure how I'll do at weigh in tomorrow evening. We attended our third 5k this last Saturday in Seattle. It was a lot of fun. We started out dead last because they couldn't find my number and ended up just giving me someone else's. We ran to catch up with the tail end but managed to work our way up through the crowd. We ran some including over the finish line (fun!) and finished in 50 minutes and 47 seconds. Yay!!

May 13, 2007

Dear Mom,

Today on Mother's Day, I sit here at my computer while reflecting on my life as a mother and my life with you, my mother. I remember at 18, I was worried about how my hair looked and what outfit to wear. At 18, you were struggling as young, first time mom. I remember at 23, I was worried about graduating, finding a job in my career of choice, and my life to be. At 23, you were going through a divorce and struggling with living on your own and raising a young daughter. I remember at 26 I was embarking on my life as an adult, a wife, and a parent. At 26, you were living as a single parent struggling with the challenges of such and trying to find your way.

Our lives have turned out quite different but they've always been connected and interwoven. I wouldn't have it any other way. You are a strong, passionate, loving woman and I have learned many lessons from you and your life.

Now that I am here, a mom of three, listening to my husband cooking his famous mother's day breakfast with Wonder Boy and the Divine Miss O while Baby Love naps, I think of you and I say Thank You! Thank you for being my mother, my protector, my encourager, my confidant, my counselor, and my friend. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here and if not for you, I wouldn't be where I am today.

I love you!

May 11, 2007

Mother's Tea

The Divine Miss O's school had a little Mother's Tea this morning. It was a morning filled with singing, dancing, hand-made gifts, and cookies. Everything was very cute - a day to remember!

May 10, 2007

What is number one?

The instructors in Wonder Boy's Tae Kwon Do class have been trying to teach the kids how to count in Korean. It is such a wonderful introduction to the culture and language of the martial arts they are all training in. The kids have been excited about it, practicing it, and training with the Korean numbers 1 though 10 for several weeks now. This week, when practicing front kicks, the instructor asked what number one was in Korean. There was silence in the room. Eyes darted from the ceiling to the floor, trying to avoid being called on. You could literally hear the wheels spinning of everyone all trying to rack their brains for the answer. All of the sudden Wonder Boy piped up in the most innocent, wide eyed, sweet sounding voice and said "uno?"

this and that

It is a glorious day today - I love it!! Nothing puts me in a good mood more than warmer temperatures and sunshine. I have a heavy, soul searching post rumbling around in my head that I need to get out but today is not the day for it. I'm feeling too good to start pulling out my heart strings right now. More on that later. The kids got absolutely, head to toe, filthy playing outside. Nothing like a nice warm bath to wrap up an afternoon. The Divine Miss O is already in her pjs winding down and Wonder Boy is right behind her.

I helped out at Wonder Boy's school's art fair this morning. So many creative kids and fun things to look at. Or as his teacher said "so many creative parents who want to be art teachers." It was great to see all the different mediums from Lego's, old tools, to paint, watercolors, construction paper, soap, etc. It inspired me to try new and different things with my kids. Wonder Boy painted a rocket ship and the planets using watercolor paints for his art entry. He was very proud. Gotta love that!

The Divine Miss O came home with a big piece of construction paper a while back. She had dabbed a plastic lid in black paint and painted circles on the paper. For some reason I love it, not just because my daughter did it, but because its so modern and cool. I want to frame it and hang in the guest bathroom.

I came across this music: Crazy Frog. It's so hilarious. The kids love it. I am probably so far behind the times hearing about this fun music, but oh well, I had to share anyway.

I have to throw a great big shout out to my lovely and wonderful friend EE. Happy Birthday you rocking chick you!

I was super surprised at Weight Watchers on Tuesday. I lost 1.8 pounds and am now down 14 total. Yahoo!!! We have our third 5k this Saturday in Seattle and I can't wait. So much fun and I truly love the women I'm doing all this training and walking with. They are superb people!

May 9, 2007

Can you measure love?

Me: Wonder Boy, I love You!

WB: I love you!

Me: Do you know how much I love you?

WB: 2 thousand, 64, 9 hundred and 45, 2 hundred and 84, and 2 hundred 59 - that's how much!

May 8, 2007

Thankful Tuesday

Today I'm thankful for our little
Baby Love!
She came to us in June of 2006. She was so tiny!

Baby Love embodies everything that is simple, true and pure love. She brightens the day and melts your heart with one flash of her smile.

She has an wickedly infectious laugh

that no one can fight the urge to laugh right along with her.

She's petite and lovely!

She's sweet and beautiful.

She's our Baby Love - what's not to love!

I love you!

May 7, 2007

she speaks

It happened! Blond mom spoke to me. I was surprised and caught completely off guard.

A little back story:
Wonder Boy has been taking classes in the martial arts for about a year. Recently a few kids from his school have been trickling into the same classes which puts me in a tight spot. Not only do I have to figure out how to be avoided by these blond moms at school, but now at our extra curricular activities as well. Bugger! Believe me, if I felt like these particular women were more accepting of other women who don't drive $50,000 dollar vehicles and don't keep up on the fashions JLo is wearing, then I wouldn't feel so weird around them.

Here's how it went down:
Wonder Boy had been sick and missed two classes, so we were making classes up the next week. Low and behold, wonder boy's make-up class happened to be one of his school-mates regular class and also Blond Mom's son. Yes, so there ya have it - I had to sit in the same room (in close proximity I might add) with a woman who acts like I have the plague. At first it was uncomfortable especially since Wonder Boy is an outgoing and talkative lad who engaged her in conversation right away, but, to my surprise, it ended up being a good experience. Her child acted like a complete nutso! He was all over the place, not following directions, being rude . . . . . dare I say, he acted like a brat?!?! I couldn't help but giggle a little inside even though I knew my little wonder boy had had a hard time adjusting to the rules at first too (but not to this degree). I might have even let a smile flash across my face for a slight minute when the instructor asked Blond Mom if her son had ADD. However, because Wonder Boy told the instructor that he goes to the same school as Blond Mom's son, she decided to use Wonder Boy as an example. Bugger!! She told Blond Mom that Wonder Boy had a hard time following directions, etc at first too but with practice and hard work, he is now testing for a yellow belt and has done quiet well. Which was completely true!

Back to the moment she speaks:
After the class was completed and she was forced to walk past me, she caught me off guard. I very much expected her to walk on by with maybe a small glance and a grin which seemed to be all we could muster up with each other, but she stopped. Yes, she stopped.

She said, "So there's hope then?"

I said, "Yes, of course, he'll be fine. All the boys seem to go through this when they first start. Hang in there!"

Then she said "Oh good!" and "See you later."

As she walked away and wrangled up her little unruly, misbehaving boy, I thought to myself "ain't humility a bitch!"

May 5, 2007

Baseball has been very, very good to me!

Baby Love!

The Divine Miss O

(I have no idea what this look was about.)

The T-Ball Star: Wonder Boy

May 4, 2007

Changed my mind, I do have something to say!

Okay, so I'm in my house, minding my own business I might add, when there's a knock on the door. I look out the window and get that automatic sinking feeling when I see the young man standing there with his "Evans Glass" jacket. I think "oh crap!! Not again!!!" I also think to myself, can I just ignore him? But he sees me standing in the living room from the window so I know I have to open the door and tell him I'm not interested in their stupid free estimate line of bull. Why do I already know what he is doing standing on my doorstep for, you ask? Because this is the fifth time someone from Evans Glass has come to my door with their "I'm not trying to sell you anything, I just wanted to let you know that we will be in your neighborhood tomorrow and we would like to give you a free estimate" crap.

I politely open the door and try to hold three kids and one dog back with a smile on my face as I say "Hi, I'm not interested."

To which he replies "I haven't even said anything yet. How do you know why I'm here?"

Me "This is the fifth time Evans Glass has come through this neighborhood and I'm not interested in buying windows at this time."

Him "But I'm not trying to sell you anything . . . . ."

Me (cut him off) "I know, free estimate, yeah, I got that the first time."

Him "Sounds like you've heard this before. Can I ask why you're not interested?"

Me "Because I do not appreciate this sales tactic."

Him "But I'm not trying to sell you anything . . . . ."

Me (again cutting him off) "I'm not interested and the fact that you are trying to stop me from closing my door annoys me and I just do not appreciate it!"

Him (a little pissed off and starting to walk away) "Aaaarite. . . Peace!"

Me "Yeah - whatever!"

Dear Evans Glass in Seattle Washington,

I do not appreciate your sales tactic at all. I think your free estimate is a line of crap! If and when I'm in the market to purchase windows, I will not be contacting your company just simply for the fact that I hate your marketing. Please reconsider the way you approach getting new business.

Thank you!
annoyed homeowner
in Sammamish WA

walking on sunshine

Of course there is no sunshine to be walked on around here today. It's been raining off and on (even pouring at times) all day. I don't have anything especially great to write about but I feel like I have to keep up my blog duties and post something even it's just what I had for lunch.

I went out to dinner last night with my moms group. It was nice. We all had margaritas and some got a little silly. It was sort of a weird night for me, feeling a little out of body. . . . like I was watching myself and the others from up above. I was there but not really. I chatted and giggled but couldn't help thinking I would have rather gone to that yoga class I've been wanting to check out and then sitting on my couch watching Grey's Anatomy instead of blowing my diet on a mole enchilada. Thank goodness for Media Center!!

Tomorrow's Arthritis Foundation training is at Alki Beach (my new favorite place). I love it there!! The little town is so quaint and homey. People walk to the beach, the little shops and the playground. It feels like a cute community; a neat place for kids to grow up. Love it, love it!

I think I'll go rearrange the girls' bedroom again. The new arrangement just doesn't feel right and it's been driving me crazy. I wish we had a fourth bedroom so everyone could have their own space and spread out a little. But for now, we make due.

The sun is peeking out. We should run out and bask in it while we have the chance!! Oh, as for what I had for lunch? A tuna and cranberry sandwich - yum!! Have a happy day!

May 3, 2007

Missin' Ma

I came across a book my mom bought me a long while ago called The Blue Day Book, A lesson in Cheering Yourself up. It is sort of one of those Hallmark feel good buys. She gave it to me during a stressful, sad period in which I was harboring a defeated mindset about life. I opened it up to thumb through it and landed on a page where she wrote:

"I love you. Remember, don't let the bastards get you down!"

That's my ma!!

May 2, 2007

It's raining, It's pouring . . . .

It has been pouring this morning. This is the kind of weather that makes me want to retreat back to my bed and hibernate all day. But knowing I have chores to do, a house to clean, kids to drop off, extra curricular activities to attend forces me out into the day . . . . . . rain or shine. Blah!

Baby Love is 14 months old today. We are thrilled about her crawling success. She really gets around the house now. Her therapist tells me her form is perfect and she's just been reluctant for some reason on trying new things. There some message she sends herself that says "this is scary, don't do that" so she doesn't. When she's push into trying something new she's not sure of, she gets super mad and upset about it. She is pulling herself to her knees onto everything she can these days. So pulling herself up to standing and cruising is probably right around the corner. Yay!! Oh the things we worry about with our kids!

Weight Watchers was last night . . . . Grrrrr!! (need I say more?) These last two weeks have been a little frustrating. I was up .2 pounds last week and .4 this week. I know it's not much and the fact that I did a mini boot camp last Saturday that kicked my butt might have something to do with it. I've been lax about tracking my food points so I need to get back into gear with that - no more excuses! I have been diligent about getting out for our Saturday morning trainings with the Arthritis Foundation and the 5k's (once a month) have been a lot of fun but I need to more during the week. There is a yoga class that I have been dying to check out but so far the timing has not worked out.

Okay, back to reality . . . . poopy diaper . . . . duty calls!

May 1, 2007

Thankful Tuesday

Today I am thankful for the Divine Miss O.
She came into our lives in June of 2003. It's hard to believe she is almost four years old.

She's a lovely, kind-hearted soul who is sweet, spunky, funny and a little clumsy too.

She is fond of all animals, especially horses (aka hee-haws) and has a wicked imagination. She can pretend play for hours all by herself! I love that!

She loves to dance, play, have fun and get dirty!

She's beautiful inside and out.

She enjoys going grocery shopping and helping in the kitchen. Although, she's a bit of a diva, she will never pass up an opportunity to dig for worms. She's a tom boy with style!

I simply adore her and I couldn't imagine life without her.

I'm so glad she's mine!

Reach for the stars Divine Miss O because you are one!

I love you!