April 12, 2010

come and knock on my door

My mom gave me this chalkboard for a Christmas present when I was about 9 or 10 years old. Then, it had a brown wood frame and I played school with it. When I became a teenager, we sprayed glued a classic 1980s poster on the backside and it hung in my bedroom as a frame. (The poster is still there by the way.) When El Fuego was born, I had Mr. Hawthorne paint the frame red to match the other hand-me-down furniture and it hung in his bedroom for eight years. In October we moved here, as I've said before, and I needed something to hang on the porch. I thought of that old chalkboard I've had forever and voila(!). I leave chalk outside in case someone wants to leave me a note. And, we enjoy putting seasonal messages or party greetings as well. I love it!! It feels retro, in a farm house sort of way, to me even though it's not. I find joy in the fact that it's been around for so long used in different ways.

So come and knock on my door.....unless you are a solicitor. In that case, don't come a knocking because people trying to sell me stuff on my doorstep at 7 o'clock at night makes me angry. Unless you are a girl scout, then you don't count as a solicitor and I will buy as many thin mints as I can.

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Carrie said...

Cute!! It reminds me of college days when you had a white board outside your door for friends to leave messages. How fun!