April 26, 2010

studio dreams

Yesterday I spent the entire day in bed sick. I've not slept a day away like that in a long, long time. The upside is I misplaced seven pounds. The downside is my house looked like a hurricane touch down right in the middle of my kitchen.

Today the weather is dark, weirdly warm and rainy. I've been having studio dreams all day. How I would love to sneak off to my adorable studio with my cup 'o coffee in hand. What I would do in a studio I do not know. But I would rather enjoy saying I had my very own studio in my backyard. A place to be creative I suppose. A place children could not encroach would be bliss.

Maybe one day my very handy Mr. Hawthorne could build me a little shed like these adorable James Ward beach huts. Aren't they fabulous(!) The minute I saw the pictures, I wanted to be in one with my computer, away from messes and on the beach of course.

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