Hello and Welcome!

I started this here blog in March 2007. After a few bumps in the road, it has slowly but surely morphed into what you see today. I rant about my dislikes and swoon over my likes, but mostly I share about the happenings of my 'little irish' family.

No, we do not live in Ireland but in a suburb of the Pacific Northwest. Little Irish was a nick name from my great grand-father. I was little and a little bit Irish. And, when trying to come up with a cute, roll off your tongue blog name, little irish was the winner so there you have it.

I'm married to one handy husband, Mr. Hawthorne (and, no that is not our last name). Together we have three children, El Fuego, The Divine Miss O, and Petite Artiste. We share our home with two of the craziest Scottish Terriers, Franklin and Mavis. One of which eats his poop. GAH!!

I'm an only child, raised by a single (very young) mother. I consider myself a democrat but hate politics. I'm not religious but I believe in being kind and good. I drink coffee, watch reality tv, and form opinions. I had Gastric Bypass surgery and sometimes I talk about it. I try my darnest in molding my clan into self-resilient, whole human beings who think for themselves. I love hard and sometimes, I hate harder. I'm working on that. I am a passport carrying citizen. Once in a while I ramble about nothing really important. Consider yourself warned. My Kung Fu is strong based on many years of latch-key-kid training. I think smoking is icky, so stop it! Before kids, my career was teaching. I'm currently enjoying a career as a stay-at-home mom and domestic manager extraordinaire. Jealous? Yeah, me neither. I love M&Ms!! And, planning backyard birthday parties is an enjoyable hobby of mine. Good thing I have kids to practice my skills on. I have a dream to own a toy store and/or antique-y shop. I don't know why. But, most of all, I'm happy you are here.

I love comments and Facebook likes. Want to say hello? Drop me a note. But, don't be weird. I won't write back if you are weird.