May 1, 2010

chatter of a crazy woman

Half way through emptying the "stuff" from the small room on the second floor, at the end of the hallway for yesterday's 'Today's Challenge', I thought .... "I am crazy! Bona fide crazy person! Commit me now!!" I was amazed just how much we had crammed in that room from floor to ceiling. I lined the hallway with boxes and crates into organized piles then proceeded not to look at them for the rest of the afternoon because just looking at them gave me wee panic attacks and that sinking overwhelming feeling. I almost just put everything back and scrapped my idea so I could go on pretending we didn't have a small room full of "stuff". But then I flashed on the TLC reality series: Hoarders and decided to forge on because the first step is admitting you have a problem. Not that I have a problem. *cough* No, no, no...more like I'm trying to prevent a problem. In fact, I've emptied three boxes and either put things away or tossed it. Yay me!

Anyway, back to yesterday's challenge. I'm happy to report our teeny playhouse is complete. *happy dance* The girls love it and have played pretty much the entire afternoon.

Next post: pictures!

1 comment:

Jeanne C said...

Yes, that Hoarders show is enough to make you throw everything out! Some of those are so sad to see how those people are living.

Anyway, good for you for getting the playspace set up!