May 25, 2007

What did I just say?

Okay, so I said it. It flew right out of my mouth before I could catch myself. It was like I walked right out of a Montessori school in my tye-dye tank top and hemp pants while I rested my hands on bended knees to look my daughter square in the eyes and said "Use Your Words" in response to her lack of doing so. Instead she was making that high-pitched whiny sound that was like running my finger nails down a chalk board for the umpteenth time. Shivers! Those three little words I thought I would never say. I don't know why. For some reason hearing parents say that always sounded odd to me. Too new aged. Too psychological mumble jumble. Too by the book. Howerver, nobody blinked an eye at my screeching daughter or seemed to take notice of my little Dr. Spock slip-of-thy-tongue. Phew! Rest assured, I'll go back to my usual and more effective "gitrdone" response in the future. "Hey, stop whining!"

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