May 30, 2007


I've been desperately trying to post a little something-something of my ginger-haired boy and my computer has been causing me much angst over it. Grrrr! I've come to the conclusion that I need a new, faster, smarter computer to replace this one. My plan: the kids have an older computer with a gigantic monitor that barely fits on my little childhood desk. I'd been wanting to replace it with a new fancy, dancy thin monitor. Today I realized, why not get myself a new, faster, smarter computer and give this laptop to the kids. I know Wonder Boy would love it and it would fit on the little desk with plenty of room to spare. Voila!! Now I just have to talk the hubby into agreeing with me. Hee hee!!

I went to Weight Watchers last night and up a tiny bit again. Bugger!! Only .8 but still I feel crappy about it. But I'm not going to quit!! I've made up my mind. I have lost 14 pounds and my clothes are fitting better so I should be proud of that. I decided to "Face it!", "Own it!" and "Move On!!" Today is a new day.

The weather today in the greater Seattle area is hot!! By the time I picked Wonder Boy up at school I heard it was already 80 degrees. Yowsa!! I do love the sunshine, it perks my mood up. But oh how I hate the hot heat. I'm hoping future weight loss will help with that.

I got a very sweet, unexpected, note from a gal named Erinn from the happy living blog which made my day a little brighter. I had found her blog via surfing other bloggers a few months back (when I first started myself) and I loved it!!Of course, I had to add her to my favorite reads and her blog has been quietly sitting in my designer blogroll so that I can check in on it here and there. To my surprise, she found me and left a comment a couple weeks back and I just found it today. What a surprise!! I love it when things like that happen.

Before I sign off and try to figure out why my email is taking two years to send, I want to shout out a little "hi" to my lovely and kind friend WHW. I've been thinking about you! xoxox

And with that, I say ciao for now!

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