May 20, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend has been a mixed bag of everything. We started out with a Mariner game Friday night with some of Wonder Boy's T-ball team mates and their families. It was fun to see Wonder Boy chat with his friends. He is at a fun age and his interactions with other kids his age are hilarious to watch. Baby Love flirted with the half-drunk people behind us all night and The Divine Miss O fell asleep by the third inning. A girl needs her beauty sleep ya know!

Saturday the boys went out to their second to last T-ball game. I missed my Saturday morning training because their game was earlier than usual. The Divine Miss O and I went grocery shopping - woohoo!!! Good times! I spent the evening with a couple of lovely ladies in Bellevue trying to find a place to eat and do a little shopping. I tried some 40 dollar lipstick and I couldn't stop thinking about it. But 40 bucks for lipstick - really? We had no idea that last night was prom night for the local high school kiddies, so trying to get a spot to sit down and eat was almost impossible. We did however end up a very yummy pizza joint. I had dreams about the heavenly pizza. So good!!

I woke up this morning, Sunday, and headed out for a Mother's Day brunch a week late. It was very relaxing and the food was delish. Afterwards I walked over the stamp store and picked out a few supplies for Wonder Boy's birthday party invites. Oh, how I love a good party theme. It makes me happy!! I spent this afternoon dropping off Amish Friendship Bread starters while my bread was cooking. I came home to the sweet smell of cinnamon. M'm M'm!! It is so good.

It just dawned on me, with all this food I've consumed this weekend, I'm sure my weight will be up on Tuesday. Bugger!! I'll just have to clear my mind and do what the author of The Secret says to do . . . . . . ahhhhh, the power of positive thinking. Hee hee!!

Have a rocking week my friends!!

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