May 4, 2007

Changed my mind, I do have something to say!

Okay, so I'm in my house, minding my own business I might add, when there's a knock on the door. I look out the window and get that automatic sinking feeling when I see the young man standing there with his "Evans Glass" jacket. I think "oh crap!! Not again!!!" I also think to myself, can I just ignore him? But he sees me standing in the living room from the window so I know I have to open the door and tell him I'm not interested in their stupid free estimate line of bull. Why do I already know what he is doing standing on my doorstep for, you ask? Because this is the fifth time someone from Evans Glass has come to my door with their "I'm not trying to sell you anything, I just wanted to let you know that we will be in your neighborhood tomorrow and we would like to give you a free estimate" crap.

I politely open the door and try to hold three kids and one dog back with a smile on my face as I say "Hi, I'm not interested."

To which he replies "I haven't even said anything yet. How do you know why I'm here?"

Me "This is the fifth time Evans Glass has come through this neighborhood and I'm not interested in buying windows at this time."

Him "But I'm not trying to sell you anything . . . . ."

Me (cut him off) "I know, free estimate, yeah, I got that the first time."

Him "Sounds like you've heard this before. Can I ask why you're not interested?"

Me "Because I do not appreciate this sales tactic."

Him "But I'm not trying to sell you anything . . . . ."

Me (again cutting him off) "I'm not interested and the fact that you are trying to stop me from closing my door annoys me and I just do not appreciate it!"

Him (a little pissed off and starting to walk away) "Aaaarite. . . Peace!"

Me "Yeah - whatever!"

Dear Evans Glass in Seattle Washington,

I do not appreciate your sales tactic at all. I think your free estimate is a line of crap! If and when I'm in the market to purchase windows, I will not be contacting your company just simply for the fact that I hate your marketing. Please reconsider the way you approach getting new business.

Thank you!
annoyed homeowner
in Sammamish WA


excavator said...

We don't get any sales people at our house. Some times it pays to live in the sticks.

Ma said...

I would have suggested that he take his shove his free estimate up his chimney.