May 4, 2007

walking on sunshine

Of course there is no sunshine to be walked on around here today. It's been raining off and on (even pouring at times) all day. I don't have anything especially great to write about but I feel like I have to keep up my blog duties and post something even it's just what I had for lunch.

I went out to dinner last night with my moms group. It was nice. We all had margaritas and some got a little silly. It was sort of a weird night for me, feeling a little out of body. . . . like I was watching myself and the others from up above. I was there but not really. I chatted and giggled but couldn't help thinking I would have rather gone to that yoga class I've been wanting to check out and then sitting on my couch watching Grey's Anatomy instead of blowing my diet on a mole enchilada. Thank goodness for Media Center!!

Tomorrow's Arthritis Foundation training is at Alki Beach (my new favorite place). I love it there!! The little town is so quaint and homey. People walk to the beach, the little shops and the playground. It feels like a cute community; a neat place for kids to grow up. Love it, love it!

I think I'll go rearrange the girls' bedroom again. The new arrangement just doesn't feel right and it's been driving me crazy. I wish we had a fourth bedroom so everyone could have their own space and spread out a little. But for now, we make due.

The sun is peeking out. We should run out and bask in it while we have the chance!! Oh, as for what I had for lunch? A tuna and cranberry sandwich - yum!! Have a happy day!

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