May 7, 2007

she speaks

It happened! Blond mom spoke to me. I was surprised and caught completely off guard.

A little back story:
Wonder Boy has been taking classes in the martial arts for about a year. Recently a few kids from his school have been trickling into the same classes which puts me in a tight spot. Not only do I have to figure out how to be avoided by these blond moms at school, but now at our extra curricular activities as well. Bugger! Believe me, if I felt like these particular women were more accepting of other women who don't drive $50,000 dollar vehicles and don't keep up on the fashions JLo is wearing, then I wouldn't feel so weird around them.

Here's how it went down:
Wonder Boy had been sick and missed two classes, so we were making classes up the next week. Low and behold, wonder boy's make-up class happened to be one of his school-mates regular class and also Blond Mom's son. Yes, so there ya have it - I had to sit in the same room (in close proximity I might add) with a woman who acts like I have the plague. At first it was uncomfortable especially since Wonder Boy is an outgoing and talkative lad who engaged her in conversation right away, but, to my surprise, it ended up being a good experience. Her child acted like a complete nutso! He was all over the place, not following directions, being rude . . . . . dare I say, he acted like a brat?!?! I couldn't help but giggle a little inside even though I knew my little wonder boy had had a hard time adjusting to the rules at first too (but not to this degree). I might have even let a smile flash across my face for a slight minute when the instructor asked Blond Mom if her son had ADD. However, because Wonder Boy told the instructor that he goes to the same school as Blond Mom's son, she decided to use Wonder Boy as an example. Bugger!! She told Blond Mom that Wonder Boy had a hard time following directions, etc at first too but with practice and hard work, he is now testing for a yellow belt and has done quiet well. Which was completely true!

Back to the moment she speaks:
After the class was completed and she was forced to walk past me, she caught me off guard. I very much expected her to walk on by with maybe a small glance and a grin which seemed to be all we could muster up with each other, but she stopped. Yes, she stopped.

She said, "So there's hope then?"

I said, "Yes, of course, he'll be fine. All the boys seem to go through this when they first start. Hang in there!"

Then she said "Oh good!" and "See you later."

As she walked away and wrangled up her little unruly, misbehaving boy, I thought to myself "ain't humility a bitch!"

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Anonymous said...

Erin, you're so funny. "Ain't humility a bitch!" I don't know why you would feel inferior to those women in the first place. You're an attractive, vibrant mother of 3 beautiful kids and your car is paid off!