May 10, 2007

this and that

It is a glorious day today - I love it!! Nothing puts me in a good mood more than warmer temperatures and sunshine. I have a heavy, soul searching post rumbling around in my head that I need to get out but today is not the day for it. I'm feeling too good to start pulling out my heart strings right now. More on that later. The kids got absolutely, head to toe, filthy playing outside. Nothing like a nice warm bath to wrap up an afternoon. The Divine Miss O is already in her pjs winding down and Wonder Boy is right behind her.

I helped out at Wonder Boy's school's art fair this morning. So many creative kids and fun things to look at. Or as his teacher said "so many creative parents who want to be art teachers." It was great to see all the different mediums from Lego's, old tools, to paint, watercolors, construction paper, soap, etc. It inspired me to try new and different things with my kids. Wonder Boy painted a rocket ship and the planets using watercolor paints for his art entry. He was very proud. Gotta love that!

The Divine Miss O came home with a big piece of construction paper a while back. She had dabbed a plastic lid in black paint and painted circles on the paper. For some reason I love it, not just because my daughter did it, but because its so modern and cool. I want to frame it and hang in the guest bathroom.

I came across this music: Crazy Frog. It's so hilarious. The kids love it. I am probably so far behind the times hearing about this fun music, but oh well, I had to share anyway.

I have to throw a great big shout out to my lovely and wonderful friend EE. Happy Birthday you rocking chick you!

I was super surprised at Weight Watchers on Tuesday. I lost 1.8 pounds and am now down 14 total. Yahoo!!! We have our third 5k this Saturday in Seattle and I can't wait. So much fun and I truly love the women I'm doing all this training and walking with. They are superb people!

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