May 21, 2007

new duds for summer

My poor, sweet Baby Love hasn't been feeling all that great these last few days. She's been teething, developed a weird heat rash thing and hasn't been eating much, plus the lack of peeing or pooping has been worrisome. I took her to the doctor this morning but of course I got the usual "must be viral and we don't prescribed treatment for anything viral" which is another way of saying "I have no friggin' clue what is wrong, go away, wait it out, and if she gets worse, call back." However, on a good note, she has eaten more today, attempted to poop, the rash seems to be going away (or getting better) and she is in better spirits. I chalk this one up to those bugger teeth all trying to push their way out at the same damn time.

With the weather getting nicer and the few warmer nights we were teased with recently, we realized we didn't really have any summer jammies for little miss Baby Love. Add warm nights with a slight fever she was running plus fuzzy, winter jammies and presto . . . . a prickly heat rash. I found some cute summer jammies for her to wear today just in time for the down pour of rain we are getting. My timing never seems to be right! On my quest for summer jammies for the wee one, I also found some pj bottoms and boxers for Wonder Boy. I cleaned out his jammie drawer this afternoon and took out all his too small, cute printed jammies from Costco and will soon be replacing those with his new big boy pjs. It was at that moment, that very moment . . . . the moment of taking out, folding up, and packing away those little boy, printed dinosaur jammies that I realized my little boy is getting to be so big. He'll be turning six very soon, wearing real pajamas to bed, pees standing up, brushes his own teeth, reads, going to full day kindergarten in the fall . . . . . . . . he is turning into a real life, bona-fide big boy! Wow! It's true! Life can really slip by you in a blink of an eye and kids really do grow up so fast if you don't pay attention.

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