April 12, 2007

Who's That Girl?

Okay, just a few things:

1) I was watching the tail-end of Gray's Anatomy tonight and they played a video with this gal named Brandi Carlile (The Story). I was captivated by her odd sound. It was familiar to me . . . . almost Johnny Cash/Roy Orbison esq. Plus, I just love watching video or pictures set to music. I often set our family pictures to stream across our TV while playing my favorite tunes - love it!! I will catch myself standing in front of the tube admiring my sweet babies' faces smiling back at me while I'm flushed with memories of when, where, why that certain picture was taken. Then I realize I have kids in the tub or those dishes aren't going to get done by themselves.

2) I was checking out one of my fav sites decor8 and saw this hilarious book called No one Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog. This blog thing is huge!! I knew it was big but I didn't know it was this huge. There are tons of how to books for bloggers. Who knew!! (I almost want to order the book along with Brandi Carlile's CD.)

3) Speaking of food, I made the most delish dinner tonight. M'm M'm - good! I know nobody cares what we ate, but I have to tell someone I made dinner and it turned out pretty darn good (amazingly). We had grilled turkey breast with yummy grilled asparagus and red/orange bell pepper ala the George Forman Grill. I loved it!! And to think, the whole dinner was only 2 points. Awesome!!

Now I'm going to watch this Notes from the Underbelly show. It looks funny but one never knows.


Pat said...

I love the music you have on there now and the kids are so cute!!

Scarlett said...

Did you order the blog book? Let me know if it is worth reading. Mom G (mom-in-law)