April 14, 2007

adoring fans or sarcastic critics

Okay, so I received my very first comment from someone I don't think I know (beside my mother and mother-in-law - thanks for the support ladies!) since I started blogging last month. I'm brand new to this whole huge world of Blog Land USA. I find it all very interesting, funny, gross, fun and captivating; sometimes all at the same time. I know one blogger personally and I like to check her blog from time to time, and sometimes I check her sister's too. They both write beautifully with wits I could never match. They are inspiring. Then the others I have no idea who they are but enjoy reading their chatter, looking at their crafts and getting to know them in a "fly on the wall" sort of way. So after reading the comment, I was left wondering who this person was and worrying if the comment was meant to be sarcastic or just fun. Feeling somewhat confused, irritated, and curious I got to thinking about why I started blogging which led me to think about a funny little t-shirt I saw the other day. It said something like "I put personal information about my life on the Internet and I don't know why." It made me laugh because that's exactly how I feel. (My husband is irritated by me right now. He says I blog because I think it's fun and cool so to get over it. My response: Women have to think things through. Sometimes over and over again, alright!! Men!) Anyway . . . . . Why am I blogging? I guess because it's a creative outlet, a diary with spellcheck. What's not to love people? I spend all day taking care of others before myself; I don't shower regularly, never wear make-up, my clothes are frumpy and outdated, I never get enough sleep, live on caffeine and I feel like my brain is turning to mush slowly but surely. So hopping on here and posting things that I think are fun or that drive me crazy or being proud of my children or thinking out loud makes me feel better. I don't want to worry about who is going to read what I write and having to censor my thoughts. I don't want to worry if my punctuation is perfect. Too much pressure! I want to be me - as silly or smart or weird or stupid I may come across but just me none the less. If you like it then please let me know how much (gush - I don't mind) but if you don't then move on and feel free not to visit my ramblings ever again (really).

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