April 10, 2007

New Roof

BEFORE 12-18-05

AFTER 4-10-07

The roofers finished our roof early this evening. Yay! No more half naked, sweaty roofer guys walking around the house with cigarettes hanging out of their mouths invading my personal space. (Now I know what fish feel like inside fishbowls.) J bought them pizza and beer today in hopes they would finish up and do a good job with the added incentive. Watching the guys swarm around the pizza boxes like bees to honey and then swipe all the beer left in the cooler before leaving was interesting but not surprising. Two of them ran up onto the deck grabbing a few bottles and take off as fast they could after their work was done. I wouldn't have seen them if I wasn't standing near the window and the noise of the cooler slamming shut caught my attention. It was like watching kids sneak candy when they thought they might get in trouble for doing so. Now the house is quiet and all signs of a roofing company is gone. I'm relieved! Next on our list: paint. Oh joy!


Linda Wise said...

For all your efforts in putting up with the racket and the mess that usually comes with any type of construction, you did get a great new roof! Darker colored roofs have been the trend, since dark colors absorb less heat. The newer, smaller shingles are also a great improvement on the previous types you had.

Dafne Buelow said...

Linda’s absolutely right. Not only is the darker colored roof aesthetically pleasing, it’s also great for regulating the temperature inside your home. I commend you for doing what you can to get the roofers to finish the job as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Hopefully, you won’t have to go through the mess and inconvenience of major reconstruction in your home for a long time.