April 16, 2007

Today's Events . . . . so far

7:00am - wake up

7:10am - wake up again, push hubby towards shower, decide to sleep more and get up after his shower is done

7:30am - get up, get dressed
7:40am - wake wonder boy up
7:50am - send wonder boy downstairs for breakfast, wake the girls up
8:00am - send the divine miss o downstairs for breakfast, get baby love dressed
8:05am - get baby love breakfast, yell at kids to get shoes on, get ready to leave
8:15am - load everyone in the minivan, kiss hubby goodbye, leave to take wonder boy to school
8:25am - curse school traffic and stupid drivers
8:35am - arrive at wonder boy's school, kiss goodbye, hello to teachers, drop wonder boy off, drive away to Starbucks

8:40am - start new book on cd called the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. started reading the book two weeks ago and decided it would be faster to listen to it instead. listening to books on cd makes me happy. smile hearing narrator (sounds like the little geico gekko) and giggle imagining a little lizard sitting in the passenger seat reading to me.

8:45am - arrive at Starbucks and wait in long drive-through line
8:50am - still waiting
8:55am - still waiting but getting closer (stuck in line now and can't back out)
8:57am - place order wait another three minutes to get to window to pay and pick up drink
9:00am - drive away to Barnes and Noble in Bellevue to pick up book I ordered

9:25am - curse morning commute traffic, road construction, and stupid women drivers who do their hair while driving

9:45am - arrive at Barnes and Noble and am surprised I have to get a parking ticket to park (luckily B&N stamps your ticket so you don't have to pay for parking)

9:55am - finally get help and pick up book, decide to look around and fight urges to buy more books

10:00am - buy book, get parking ticket stamped, leave store
10:10am - back on freeway, drive home but decide to stop at Whole Foods on the way back

10:20am - walk around Whole Foods and look at all the over priced, super cute baby stuff, pick up some veggies, strawberries, hummus, and yogurt - yum! glance at poor women with two young boys completely out of control and listen to them scream at the top of their lungs. fight urge to give her a great big hug and tell her I've been there and to go home and try again later. feel lucky all is right and good in my little world at the moment.

10:40am - change overly wet diaper in parking lot
10:45am - leave Whole Foods, drive home to drop off groceries and pee
11:00am - leave home to pick up wonder boy from school
11:10am - arrive early at school, sit in parking lot and read new book (on blogging of course)
11:20am - load wonder boy up and drive home
11:30am - arrive home, unload kids, vacuum up mess left by dirty shoes, make lunch
11:45am - check email, try to get picture of baby love crawling (no luck), let kids watch an episode of Scooby Doo, talk to roofer guy who came to pick up check

12:05pm - watch baby love play in her favorite spot (in front of window)
12:10pm - cuddle with wonder boy and talk about school
1:10pm- let wonder boy and divine miss o go downstairs to play on computer, think about blog post, let dog in (it's raining again), open a pop, sit down and start writing . . . . .

1:28pm - spell check
1:29pm - think about adding anything
1:30pm - post
1:31pm - look at post, find typo, edit post, add
1:42pm - repost

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