April 25, 2007

Breaking Up is Hard to do!

I broke up with my housekeeper this morning. It was a short lived romance and I will miss her terribly. Basically I was selling stuff on craigslist.com to pay for her services and I ran out of money. We are also going to start some home improvements and I know the house will be in a state so no use paying for house cleaning when the house will be too messy to clean. I was extremely nervous upon her arrival. I kept peeing every ten minutes; I pee a lot when I'm nervous. She arrived late, which is also another reason I was breaking up with her (I have a busy life, I need a set schedule!). I was sweating and fumbling over my words. I knew I had to tell her before I left the house and I was very uncomfortable having to approach the subject with her. But she was lovely and very understanding. Our conversation went like this (pretty much).

Me: "Um . . . Lovely Lily . .uh . . . . well . . . ahhhh. . I have sort of bad news." (in my head: ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod!!!)

Lovely Lily: "Oh no, what is wrong? What happened?" (in her Ukrainian accent, with a stern face looking down at The Divine Miss O standing in front of me which I purposely placed (just a little bit) to shield myself from any uncertainties)

Me: "Well . . . . . uh . . . . . I need (picture me with a wincing face and shoulders raised up into my ears) . . . . to let you go - I'm sorry!!!!

Lovely Lily: (again in Ukrainian accent, face softening) "Oh, I thought something bad had happened. No worries, I have very many houses to clean. I need to stop taking houses so it's okay!"

Me: sigh . . . "Oh good, I'm glad . . . . .I felt bad . . . .I'm really sorry!"

Lovely Lily: (insert Ukrainian accent) "No-No-No. Do not feel bad. It is life! It's okay."

Phew - what a relief!! She is a very kind woman and my very first housekeeper. Living down in Olympia WA things like having a person come to your home and clean every two weeks is considered a major luxury and something only "rich people" do. After moving up North, I quickly realized that a lot of women have housekeepers and it's a very posh thing to do. After my third baby was born, I was feeling very overwhelmed by the state of my house. I felt like the clutter and lack of organization was slowly closing in on me. I couldn't breathe! But a friend had Lovely Lily coming to her house and she was looking for another customer. Her rates were good and I was selling my clutter on craigslist, so it all worked out. Her coming to my house really motivated me to get on the ball although I'm far from feeling completely organized and clutter free. So for now, I feel a little more in control of my house and Lovely Lily and I broke up. Sniff!

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