April 21, 2007

weekend memories

Well folks, my Saturday morning started out like all my recent Saturday mornings. I got up and out of the house bright and early to meet up with the Arthritis Foundation for our weekly trainings. Today we met in Redmond and walked four miles. I always roll around right before I get up thinking to myself I should really stay in this nice, warm bed and sleep more. Although, I'm always grateful I got up and out. I feel better after exercising. I always feel like I've accomplished something. Most weekend mornings I walk with the same gal, EA, and she is just lovely. She's smart, kind, funny and a great listener. I feel at ease when I'm with her and I love that. I'm lucky to have met her and call her my friend.

After training, I ran home and picked up my girls. While the boys went to their t-ball game, The Divine Miss O, Baby Love and I went to the annual Spring Fling. What is Spring Fling you ask. I belong to a mothers group and every year they have a family get-together of sorts to celebrate family and spring. This year we met at local park and the wonderful Eric Ode sang and entertained our little kidlets. It was nice. I really love this group of women (with the exception of some odd balls) and I probably wouldn't have had made the connections with my community if I hadn't joined.

On the way to the Spring Fling, I finished my book on CD. The Curious Incident of the Dog at Nighttime was an interestingly good book. I enjoyed it. I also very much enjoyed being read to by the Gieko Gecko. After the book was done, I popped in my new Fratellis CD. The music is fun and upbeat - it makes me happy. The kids love it too and request for #2 to be played again and again. I'm also enjoying Regina Spektor at the moment. She's just swell!

I'm so glad it's the weekend. I had a hard week - very tiring. I'm hoping to relax some, sleep in a little and take the family out to Alki tomorrow morning for yummy cinnamon rolls at the Alki Bakery (Totally worth waiting and blowing your diet for! They are OMIGOD - yum! Seriously!!) and some play time at the awesome Whale's Tale Play-Park.

Happy Weekend to you!

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