April 2, 2007

Germs Happen!

Today is a sick day for us. My oldest has come down with a yucky cough and cold and I'm sure my younger two will follow in short order. I met a friend at the McDonald's play-land last week which happens to be a place I avoid like the plague. Every time we go there, my kiddos get sick without fail. But they recently remolded and "cleaned" the play area, so I thought we would be safe this once. It's the season for lots of colds and kid places are gigantic petri dishes so it was unavoidable that we would get sick. I'm actually glad we are home today. It has felt like we have been so busy going here and getting there lately. I need a day to get caught up on the laundry and clean the kitchen (another place I try to avoid like the plague!). The only downside to being home today is that our neighbor's fence is being repaired. So lots of hammering going on and wood thrown about our yard which sort of urks me especially since my hubby just mowed the yard and the tulips are so pretty right now. But instead I have to stare at old, rotted fence pieces piling up. Anytime the neighbors have work down on their house, we are put out in some way. Usually the workers consider our yard as a dumping ground for the debris. I try to be a nice neighbor and not put up a fuss, but it does get very annoying when time after time this stuff happens with no consideration from the neighbors or the workers that other people live in the house next door. Grrrr! Other than that, today is lovely day weather wise. The sun keeps peeking out and it's not raining! A good day to do some Spring Cleaning and let some fresh air in the house. So here I go, I'm off to do just that . . . .

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