April 15, 2007

#1 Fan

My number one fan is a soon to be six year old boy, my son. J set up an old computer for him downstairs to play his games on and he loves to go online and check out my blog. He likes seeing the pictures, especially of himself and hearing music. Funny!! He was getting upset at me for not having "rock and roll" music play and he has been begging me for weeks to "change it on his computer". So this morning I changed it to one of his favorite songs. This one is for you bub!

Weekend Update:
All in all, it's been a lovely weekend. Saturday I got up early to set out of my weekly training with the Joints in Motion (Arthritis Foundation). We met at Discovery Park in Seattle. I walked about 3 miles in under an hour. Woohoo!! Saturdays are busy days for us because I have the trainings and then wonder boy and J have t-ball in the afternoon. So I raced home, showered and got ready for wonder boy's first t-ball game. It was super cute. Our team "the Mariners" and the other team "the Marlins" had lots of fun hitting the ball, playing in the dirt, trying to catch the ball, making funny faces, running to the bases, not knowing where to go, waving at their moms, and wearing baseball gloves on their heads. True athletes! It was a hoot!

Then we celebrated the good game and fun with sports by getting hot dogs at Costco. Good times!!

Other fun news: Little Miss Baby Love starting crawling!!! After all that worrying, she finally just up and did it. She has been pulling herself up onto her knees and exploring the house more. I can't keep her out of the kitchen. I can't wait to show her new skill off at physical therapy on Tuesday. Yay!! After a good rain storm last night, the air smells crisp and clean today - love it!! The sun is shining bright and J is heading out to the mow the lawn. I love that fresh cut grass smell!! Yum!

Happy day to you!!

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