April 4, 2007

previously "little life"

The hardest part about blogging is trying to come up with an ingenious, witty, cool name. I would say it's almost as hard as naming your children. There are an immense amount of people out there in "blogville" with great blogs with equally great titles. At first I had "my little life" which quickly became just "little life". I still love it but I realized there a lot of "little lifers" like me out there. So to be more original the title "LITTLE IRISH" was born. Why you ask? When I was little I had very copper, red colored hair and my great grandfather called me "Little Irish" most likely because he had a ton (when I say ton, I really do mean a ton) of grand-kids and great grand-kids and he just couldn't remember all their names. However, I like to think it was because I was somehow a little more "special" to him and his endearing nickname was a sign of his affection.

Last night was Weight Watchers night . . . . da da da dummm!! I was worried about hopping (as if I can "hop" up onto anything these days) on that scale afraid of what would show up. To my surprise I had lost another two pounds last week and am down a total of ten. Yay!! I was really happy. I have 1.8 pounds to lose before I hit that very secret, little, mini goal I had set for myself a long time ago. Go me!! On the road to "inspires to get in shape" continues, a few friends and I have joined the Arthritis Foundation in their Joints in Motion, Five for Five program. This Saturday is our second 5k (out of five) at the Skagit Valley Tulip run. We decided to walk the five mile course. I'm really looking forward to this one! I can't wait to get up there and see all the tulips.

Today is our third sick day. My little guy is just not feeling that great and it's best not to send him off to school. Hopefully, he'll feel better tomorrow and will be able to get a couple days of school in before Spring Break.

The weather is not as chipper as yesterday and we are all still in our pjs . . . . .

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