August 20, 2010

wolf haven

Yesterday the kids and I got a special treat. Two of my mom's clients work at a wolf sanctuary in Tenino WA and we were invited to visit. Wendy lives in Wolf Haven and she was very kind to take us into the sanctuary and allow us some behind the scenes memorable moments. It was truly amazing and something the five of us won't soon forget.
Wendy would throw in sticks covered in a scent and the wolves would rub on them, chew on them and play with them. It was really cool to see the wolves come through the tall grass or from behind a hidden spot. Their eyes a brilliant gold glow. When staring into those eyes you would sense a wisdom about them. However, once they smelled the scent, they would turn into playful, happy animals like your very own dog at home.

This guy was waiting for whatever was going to be thrown in....and I'm pretty sure he was hoping for a treat and not a scented stick.
This was Caedus. We were able to go around and right up to the enclosure with Wendy. Caedus was a privately owned wolf raised from a puppy by a man in the military. However, when the man was sent overseas, he had to release ownership of Caedus.

This was Ladyhawk. Not as friendly at Caedus but she had a very sweet nature
My mom getting licks from Caedus.
Ladyhawk enjoying a lazy afternoon.

After visiting the wolves and coyotes, we strolled over to the cemetery. It was very sweet how each animals was honored.
This Mani-Stone Stupa was lovely.

We wrote the names of our pets we've loved and lost.

Then we adopted Pahana. His background was very sad but we were so happy he is able to live out his life at Wolf Haven. This little clip is of him.

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