August 4, 2010

a camping we will go

We went camping last week and had a great time. Cape Disappointment (formally known as Fort Canby) is a wonderful state park with lots of great things to do. We crammed so much into our four days it's hard for me to put it all into one post. We learned about Lewis and Clark's expedition to the Pacific Ocean. We saw lighthouses and creepy bunkers from the civil war. We hiked and ate too many s'mores. We climbed trees, built forts on the beach and saw cool wildlife. We took part in a local Saturday market and walked the street of Long Beach. We loved the campfire talk at the amphitheater. The smells and sights and sounds of the ocean refreshes my soul. It's safe to say we had a fabulous time. And I'm sure, here and there, I'll post some of the highlights. For now, I'll leave you with these few pictures.
Benson Beach
North Head Lighthouse
Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

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