August 20, 2010

fun surprise

My friends and family tend to be the only peeps that visit this here little bloggity blog of mine. Most know I tend to ramble on about my likes and dislikes, but mostly I share about my three kids and what we do as a family. Recently I highlighted some of my favorite parts of our camping trip to Cape Disappointment State Park. And, I still have some fun times yet to share. Excited? (I know you are....)

But what most might not know is that at the very bottom of the current right hand column, is a little button for sitemeter. It allows me to see who visits and from where mostly. Today, I randomly checked and discovered a little surprise.

The Visitors Bureau of Long Beach Peninsula website posted some of my pictures and blog excerpts from this wee blog about our camping trip. I'm pretty sure Mr. Hawthorne will be thanking me for posting that now-famous photo of him and the kids. I think it's pretty cute and it's a side not many people get to see of my huzbie. I think he should be proud.

Anyway, go have a looksie. I think it's kind of fun!

Pssst! Little Irish is also on the Seattle Square's press page. Another fun surprise!


Stephanie said...

How exciting! And I really do love the pic of J, lol! Congratulations my famous pal! ;)

little irish said...

Thanks chickadee!! Oh and he's pretty excited about that picture. Hee hee.