August 24, 2010

1001 uses

I've had this sweatshirt. A favorite sweatshirt. For a long time. But, it was stinky. It was stinky because I let it stay in the washer too long. Actually I forgot the entire load was in the washer and two days later it was a smelly, damp load. I tried rewashing it over and over again, but I could always smell that faint smell of dankness. Plus, since then, every time it got mixed in with other clothes and washed, the other other clothes would have that faint smell too. Blech! However, I liked the sweatshirt too much to send it on it's way.

Then! Recently a friend shared a laundry tip with me. She told me to wash the sweatshirt with vinegar. I was a tad skeptical because let's face it, vinegar doesn't smell that great on it's own.

Well let me tell you. It worked wonders. I simply add a splash of white vinegar to my regular detergent and "presto! chango!", my clothes have never smelled so good. Not to mention they are softer too. I've been putting vinegar in practically every load since. It might be safe to say I have a wee crush on vinegar now. 

Thanks to another friend tip, I added vinegar into the hot water of my carpet cleaner. The carpet that had a faint smell of potty training pups is now smelling fresh and it looks great. Not only that, the vinegar seems to be a deterrent for further accidents. Plus it's safe for kids and pets. And!! Bonus! It's cheap!!!

In the words of Martha: Vinegar! It's a good thing!

Check out this fabulous website: 1001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar


Emily said...

One thing I do not miss about WA is that musty smell that happens if you leave ANYTHING wet unattended for more then 10 minutes. Retch. Worst smell ever. Glad you found a fix!

little irish said...

This is true...WA is not great at drying things out. The vinegar totally works though. And it makes the wash softer and smelling better all around. Yipee!