August 11, 2010

summer daze

This summer we stopped all extra curricular activities. We didn't sign up for a single camp. We took a break from every dance class and martial arts. Although we thought about signing the kids up for swimming lessons, we didn't do that either. We have been winging the summer activities this year. And, because of our new found blow where the wind takes us attitude, we've ended up spending our days doing a lot of great things. Yesterday we drove down to a zoo I used to visit when I was kid. The Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium

Some things at the zoo were just as I remembered it and some things were new and fantastical. Recently, a pair of tiger cubs were born at the zoo for the first time ever. And, oh boy, were they ever cute. Miss Divine pretended to be a tiger cub for the rest of the afternoon after she laid eyes on those babies. They used to have a beluga whale at the zoo, but the white whale was no more. The exhibit was instead inhabited by harbor seals. Fun to watch none the less. The polar bear was downright amazing although I felt sad for his little existence. His exhibit was lacking and you couldn't really see him in his full glory.

The walruses were hilarious. We ended up catching a little show about the walruses near the end of our walk through and it was educational and entertaining. Aside from the grouchy old woman, who tapped Miss Divine on the head when she stood up to let a smaller child in to see. I was unable to see any of the show myself and stood back waiting for my children to return to me after it was over. I witnessed the grouchy old woman put her hands on my child and I can't deny I got that over-protective mother bear feeling deep down in my belly. I despise people who think they are allowed to act like complete a**holes just because they are old.

Anyway. C'est la Vie. El Fuego thoroughly enjoyed the sharks which was fun to see. I remembered the aquarium differently but the sharks were cool. El Fuego also acted as photographer and captured some great moments.

P.S. one of the walruses was named "Basilla" which is Russian for loud voice because she is often loud. After spending the entire afternoon telling Petite Artiste to "shhhhhhhh!". El Fuego, Miss Divine and I all thought we should nick-name Petite Artiste Basilla too.


CoffeeJitters.Net (Judy Haley) said...

we love the pt defiance zoo too. and my what a beautiful view of the sound from up on that hill.

little irish said...

No's been years and years since I've been there and never remembered the view. But it wow-ed me this time around. :) BTW: love your blog.