August 27, 2010

days of change

Soooooo....I warned you I was developing a huge addiction to "home beautiful" do-it-yourself blogs right?! Well, I have another redonkulus, super fantastic blog to share.

Ahem! Internet.

Meet the Nester of Nesting Place.

Although you might already know each other. In fact, you probably do. Ms. Nester has quite a fan base and how can she not. She's great!

I'm crushing on her site hard. So much so, that I haven't closed the tab. I just keep refreshing it to see her latest posts. And, her latest launches her 31 days to a less messy nest. Fun! I'm excited to read some great tips and inspire my rump in my own home.

Moving is tough y'all! I can never figure out why it takes two days to move out, but it always takes forever to feel really move into a new dwelling. I will say this however, this move was hard! And crazy! And hectic! And chaotic! And such a long process!! But, this change has been super duper great for our family. With almost a year under our belts and a new school year upon us, I'm now realizing this little fact.

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