August 26, 2010

revamp, refresh, redo...or die trying

Friends! I think I have to take myself to bloggers anonymous stat! I am addicted to blogs that showcase all the super do-it-yourself home decorating projects. For one reason only....because they are fabulous!! Totally inspirational. All the furniture painting. All the slip covering. All the thrifting. It's awesome. My blog love list just keeps getting longer and longer because there are so many really great people out there doing really great things in their homes cheaply. And, I love it!

My newest additions include Rhoda and her blog Southern Hospitality and Kristi and her blog Pink and Polka Dot. In the last 24 hours I've managed to scour both sites and soak up all the painting and slip covering goodness I can.

My goal is to create a put together home that is kid and dog friendly, yet pleasing to the eye. We have a collection of hodge-podge furniture currently. Which the thrifty side of me loves on one hand, but the "I want it now" side of me gets extremely frustrated. I would love to throw caution to the wind, and decorate with a Pottery Barn magazine in my back pocket and Martha Stewart at my side. But people! That ain't happening! So in the meantime I see beautiful things happening to things we have but I haven't been able to follow through. I have plans though....many, many plans. Probably to Mr. Hawthorne's dismay.

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